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Overview of the Office of the Deputy Governor:

The Office of the Deputy Governor (ODG) is to assure the provision of high quality public services in those areas constitutionally assigned to the Deputy Governor including reform of the Montserrat Public Service.  This would increase the efficiency, effectiveness and ensure public buildings are fit for purpose, provide administrative support to disaster management.  Defence and HMP, Consular Affairs Services to protect national interest and pensions to support all citizens.


The Montserrat Public Service recognised as an Employer of Choice and competent provider of responsive, results-oriented public services, policies and procedures that are consistent with standards of excellence and values of good governance, fiscal discipline, transparency, accountability, integrity and respect.


To provide an enabling environment in which the Deputy Governor is empowered to fulfill the constitutional mandate to assist the Governor in the exercise of good governance as it relates to: the management and reform of the Montserrat Public Service; the protection of National Security Interests in Disaster Management, Defence, Ceremonial Duties and Consular Affairs; and the preservation of Public Safety through the Prison and Parole system.


The Office of the Deputy Governor provides the following services to the public:

  • Processing of British Overseas Territories Citizens (BOTC) Passports. Learn more about the BOTC application process.  
  • Marriage License Applications
  • Belonger Status Applications
  • Economic Residence Applications
  • British Citizenship Registration
  • Application for Permit of Permanent Residence
  • Naturalisation Application
  • Registration Application (BOTC for children under 18 years)
  • Processing of Pensions, Gratuities and other Benefits. Click here for pensions and gratuity forms.

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Key Strategies

The work of the Office of the Deputy is guided by the following strategic priorities:

  • To strengthen good governance across the public service at both the policy (strategic) and implementation (operational) level through corporate leadership and high performance.
  • To ensure fiscal discipline and accountability through appropriate monitoring of Public Policy, Planning, Budget Preparation and Performance.
  • To protect the public and reduce re-offending through the effective execution of court sentences, detention, rehabilitation and parole.
  • To coordinate and facilitate a multi-agency approach which integrates Disaster Management policy and practice into the mainstream of community activities.
  • To safeguard National Security and Public Interests against the risk of Disasters, Nationality and Identity Fraud, Emergencies and unsustainable Government Liability.

Contact Details

Office of the Deputy Governor, 3 Farara Plaza, Brades, MSR1110 MontserratTel: (1) 664-491-9202 / 6523/6524
Fax: (1) 664-491-9751

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