Montserrat Cabinet (The Executive)

The executive authority of Montserrat is vested in Her Majesty.  As provided for in the Montserrat Constitution Order (Cap. 1.01), the executive authority of Montserrat may be exercised on behalf of Her Majesty by the Governor, either directly or through Officers subordinate to him or her.

The Cabinet is the centre of the Executive branch of Government.  Cabinet consists of the Premier and three other Ministers. The Governor appoints the Premier from among the elected members of the Legislative Assembly, who demonstrates to his satisfaction that he or she commands the confidence of a majority of the elected members of the Assembly.  The other Ministers are appointed by the Governor in accordance with the advice of the Premier from among the other elected members of the Legislative Assembly, and one of them shall be appointed as Deputy Premier.

The Cabinet also has two ex officio members, namely the Attorney-General and the Financial Secretary.  The Deputy Governor has the right to attend and take part in any meeting of the Cabinet, but is not a member and does not have the right to vote in the Cabinet. The Governor presides at meetings of the Cabinet.

Cabinet sets the broad policy direction, approves the broad strategy and takes the most important strategic decisions of Government.  All members of Cabinet are jointly and collectively responsible for all decisions taken by the Cabinet.  Ministries and Departments, Statutory Bodies and agencies of Government are under the authority of the Government.
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