Qualification for membership to the Montserrat Legislative Assembly

Qualification for elected membership of the Legislative Assembly is governed by section 51 of the Montserrat Constitution Order 2010.

Persons, who are interested in participating in General elections in Montserrat, must be registered voters who are at least 21 years of age.  These individuals must have been in Montserrat for a period of at least twelve months, out of the five-year period, which comes immediately before their nomination.

Additionally, persons presenting themselves for nomination should be British Overseas Territories citizens, who were born in Montserrat or whose father or mother or grandparent was born in Montserrat. Additionally, at the time of their birth, at least one of their parents should have been born to a parent whose father or mother or grandparent was born in Montserrat. 

Members of the Legislative Assembly

Honourable Joseph E. Farrell

Premier & Minister of Finance & Economic Management

Dr. The Honourable Samuel J. Joseph

Deputy Premier & Minister of Communications, Works, Labour and Energy (MCWLE)

Honourable Charles T. Kirnon

Minister of Education, Health, Social Services, Sports, Youth and Ecclesiastical Affairs

Honourable Crenston C. Buffonge

Minister of Agriculture, Lands, Housing and the Environment (MALHE)

Honourable Veronica I. Dorsette-Hector

Parliamentary Secretary Health, Social Services, Youth & Sports

Honourable Paul Lewis

Leader of Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition

Honourable Donaldson Romeo

Member of the Legislative Assembly

Honourable Claude Hogan

Member of the Legislative Assembly

Honourable David Osborne

Member of the Legislative Assembly-

Honourable Sheree E. Jemmotte-Rodney

Attorney General

Honourable Lindorna Lambert

Financial Secretary

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