The Physical Planning Unit (PPU) within the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Housing and the Environment (MALHE) is seeking further input on a proposal made by Paradise Development Company for a change in the ‘Physical Development Plan for North Montserrat 2012-2022’.

The proposal requires the rezoning of a parcel of land (12/1/207) in the Woodlands area from recreational to residential use.  The rezoning plan for woodlands can be viewed on the government website at the following link:


In keeping with Section 7 of the Physical Planning Act which guides the procedure for revision and modification of the Approved Development Plan, further representation is required on this matter.   As such, the PPU is again publishing the plans and soliciting input from the public.

This is to ensure that residents of the immediate and surrounding areas, stakeholders, and all interested parties are:

  1.  aware of the proposal, and
  2.  allowed the opportunity to provide feedback on, and raise any related concerns or issues they may have.

Further representation on the Draft Physical Development Plan is required for block/parcel 12/1/207 to be zoned for residential use.

The PPU has published the information at the following:

  • The Montserrat Public Library
  • The Government  of Montserrat website: www.gov.ms
  • Zjb Radio
  • Government Information Unit facebook page
  • Discover Montserrat (https://www.facebook.com/DiscoverMNI)
  • Physical Planning Unit website: ppu.gov.ms
  • Physical Planning Unit

Representation or comments should be received by December 29, 2020.

The PPU has also published a summary of the public consultation process held between March and May 2019 on the proposed rezoning of parcel 12/1/207.

The responses from this public consultation, can be viewed at the following link:


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