The Ministry of Health and Social Services has once again identified an imported case of COVID-19 via passenger screening for arrivals to the island.

The confirmation of another imported case, along with the release of 2 individuals from isolation who have recovered from COVID-19; brings the number of active cases to two(2). To date the total number of local infections confirmed is 33.

40 persons are presently quarantined; all in association with travel to the island.

The risk of community spread of COVID -19 remains, as imported cases continue to be identified by the Ministry of Health and Social Services.  

Residents and visitors are therefore reminded to avoid breeching the quarantine protocols to prevent community spread.  Arrivals to the island should proceed directly to their quarantine location and remain there until cleared by the Ministry of Health. Members of the public should refrain from face to face interactions with persons in quarantine or isolation.

Additionally, all residents must continue to practice good hygiene, wear face coverings in public spaces and limit close social interactions to protect themselves from infection.

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