Cabinet Decisions Related To Geothermal Resource & The Modification of the Physical Development Plan

The Cabinet of Montserrat meets on a weekly basis to discuss and agree on policy matters for the Government of Montserrat, and Montserrat as a whole.

To ensure members of the public are frequently informed of policy matters and to bolster information dissemination from Cabinet, regular press releases or press notes will be issued outlining key Cabinet decisions.

During the last meeting of Cabinet on Thursday September 30, 2021, the following were discussed:

  • Cabinet discussed and approved the Preparation of Legislation relating to the Development and Usage of Geothermal Resource, based on a submission from the Energy Unit in the Ministry of Communication, Works, Energy and Labour.  The legislation is intended to guide the development and use of geothermal energy on Montserrat, whether it is undertaken publicly or privately. 

In this regard, Cabinet granted approval for the legislation to be prepared by the Attorney General’s Chambers.

During the meeting, members of Cabinet also discussed and made a decision on the Revision and Modification of the Physical Development Plan in Upper Belham and Fort Ghaut (Plymouth) in Zone V, to enable sand mining in the areas.   Following their assessment of the proposed revisions submitted by the Planning and Development Authority  (PDA), Cabinet agreed that the  Physical Development Plan should be modified to allow for sand mining in specified areas within zone V.

The public will be updated and provided with further details on these areas by the respective Ministries as they implement the decisions.

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