“In keeping with its tagline – Empowering Youth, Strengthening Communities and Advancing Sports, the Department of Community Youth & Sports Services is delighted to announce its continued support in the area of sports.

With financial assistance from the DCYSS, six local cricketers namely, Deno Baker, Jemuel Cabey, KasJuan Sullivan, Kriston Yearwood, Travis Harrison & Zawandi White will journey to the United Kingdom to take part in the UK cricket league which commences in April and ends early September. This opportunity will allow them to be able to further enhance their cricket skills in various aspects of playing and coaching and provide networking prospects for future participation.

The players have been drafted and will play for the following cricket clubs:

Deno Baker – Shelley Cricket Club

Jemuel Cabey – Haywards Heath Cricket Club

KasJuan Sullivan – Berkhamsted Cricket Club

Kriston Yearwood – Pentwortham Cricket Club

Travis Harrison – Moulton Harrox Cricket Club

Zawandi White – Milnrow Cricket Club

In 2021, the DCYSS provided financial support which assisted the Montserrat Cricket Association in executing planned activities to include an 8 week 50 Over and T20 Tournament in addition to supporting three (3) individuals to pursue similar opportunities in the United Kingdom.   

The department remains committed to supporting opportunities for advancing sports and the careers of our young sporting professionals in all areas.

We take this time to wish the cricketers every success as their continued development positively contributes to the overall development of cricket and sports on Montserrat.”

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