As of Monday May 9, 2022 vehicle owners on Montserrat can apply for personalised license plates and identification marks as the Driver and Vehicle License Division in the Ministry of Communication, Works, Labour & Energy (MCWLE) launches its personalised vehicle registration programme.

In 2021 the Government of Montserrat updated the Road Traffic Regulations (SRO 47 of 2021) to make it possible for vehicle owners to customise their vehicle license plates.   However, the personalised license plates will only be available for private motor vehicles and a number of guidelines must be followed to benefit from this service.

Interested persons must first apply for a Personalised Identification Mark (PIM) by doing the following:

  • Complete the Application Form (Copies can be collected at the Driver and Vehicle License Division of the Ministry or can be downloaded from the Ministry’s webpage on the Government website
  • Pay the application fee of $500.00

A fee of $500.00 will also be charged for persons registering to transfer the PIM to another vehicle by the same owner, and also for persons registering to transfer the PIM to a motor vehicle owned by another person.

There are a number of set guidelines on what persons can or cannot do to personalize their number plates. 

The following are allowed:

  • A minimum of two characters and a maximum of eight characters.
  • Plates must contain at least one letter.
  • All letters must be capitalized.
  • Only one special character will be allowed.
  • All plates must have a black background with white characters.

The following are not allowed:

  • Special characters only, consecutive numbers only and numbers only.
  • Infringements on Intellectual Property, for example brand names such as HONDA.
  • Promotion of violence or criminal activity.
  • Plates starting with the letters ‘G’, ‘H’, or ‘R’ if the letter is immediately followed by a number.
  • Religious Titles are not allowed unless the person carries such titles or designations.
  • The badge number of a Police Officer.
  • Sexually explicit words and descriptions of body parts and genitals.
  • Language that is indecent, abusive, derogatory and profane.
  • Negative or derogatory messages referencing the Government.
  • Promotion of discrimination or bias against an individual(s).  
  • The reverse or mirrored image of a word or term or slang or abbreviation of previously established prohibited language or content.

Submissions of proposed personalized identification marks must be vetted by the Licensing Officer to ensure they meet the established guidelines outlined in the Regulations.  This process will be completed within 2-3 working days.  

Personalized Identification Marks for private vehicles has been long awaited. This was  requested by the Public and the Ministry is pleased to be finally in a position to offer this service. 

Members of the public are encouraged to visit the Ministry’s Facebook page (2) Ministry of Communication, Works, Labour and Energy- Montserrat | Facebook  to view the infographics/fliers on this new service. The Ministry is also asking persons to review SRO 47 of 2021 which outlines the guidelines for Personalised Identification Marks for vehicles.

See link to S.R.O below:

SRO No 47 of 2021 Road Traffic (Amendment) Regulations

See link to application form below:

Application Form – P.I.M

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