The Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Housing and the Environment (MALHE) today announced the availability of grant funding under its Housing Assistance Programme.

Under the Housing Assistance Programme persons can apply for Financial Assistance of $40,000.00; Materials Grant of $40,000.00 and a Home Improvement Grant of $10,000.00.  However, the Ministry noted that only a limited amount of funding is available.

To receive this grant, under the Financial Assistance Scheme the head of the household must be able to secure sufficient funds to build a habitable dwelling within a maximum period of six to eight (6 – 8) months. The conditional grant of EC$40,000 along with the accumulated savings of the beneficiary should meet at least 25% of the cost of building a habitable home, within the specified time.

Further details on the Financial Assistance Scheme is available on the government website at the following link:

Financial-Assistance-Guidelines.pdf (

The Materials Grant Scheme will provide a standard conditional material grant of $40,000 to qualified households for the purpose of constructing new build homes or to complete those stuck in the early stages of construction. This means homes should be within construction stages 1, 2 or 3 as outlined in the Work Breakdown Structure.    Further details on the Materials Grant Scheme is available in the brochure on the Government website:

Materials-Grant-Brochure.pdf (

Under the Home Improvement Grant eligible households will receive funding to enable the finishing of a dwelling which is under construction.  Applicants will also have to undergo a means test to ensure that those most in need will get the required assistance.

The full eligibility criteria for the Home Improvement Grant can be read on the Government website:


Individuals requiring further information and those who are interested in these housing incentives are asked to register their interest on or before the 30th June 2022 at the Housing Unit office at Brades during working hours. Telephone number 1664 491 7862 or 491 7861. Persons can also email

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