The Monitoring and Evaluation Unit of the Office of the Premier has published the Government of Montserrat’s National Performance Report for 2020-2021.

The National Performance Report is based on how the Government’s performance aligns with the five goals of the Sustainable Development Plan (2008-2020) which are: Economic Management; Human Development; Environmental Management; Governance and Population. The report is a cohesive display of improvements in the government’s performance, with data recorded over a three year period, and reveals areas where change is necessary. This report covers 96 indicators from across nine Government Departments including three additional indicators from critical agencies.

The following are highlights of key areas outlined in the report:

Goal 1: Economic Management

Some of the key economic management objectives to include the further development of the communication infrastructure, road infrastructure, agricultural initiatives, the implementation of the energy policy, port expansion, tourism training initiatives – remained active throughout the 2020/21 period, notwithstanding the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic in Montserrat.

Goal 2: Human Development

  • The provision of social housing through the various housing incentive programmes by the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Housing and the Environment was heavily impacted due to the lack of funds. However, the Housing Unit has continued to implement on some of the identified home incentive programmes and was able to assist persons with the award of 15 serviced lots to accommodate the building of private homes in 2020/21.
  • The public health screening programme by the Ministry of Health continued at a reduced level. Delays and rescheduling were necessary due to the COVID 19 pandemic protocols which required social distancing and work closures.

Goal 3: Environmental Management and Disaster Mitigation

  • The Department of the Environment conducted regular monitoring in order to implement controls that can mitigate against natural disasters within the controlled natural environment.
  • Public Awareness on environmental matters is important to the Government of Montserrat. Therefore, keeping the public aware of environmental changes supports a more positive response by residents with respect to the implementation of mitigation measures developed to lessen the impact of natural disasters on the island.
  • Disaster Management- Part of the mitigation efforts from natural disasters on Montserrat includes the maintaining of the early warning systems which must be ready to be used and operational at any time. The Disaster Management Office has managed to keep the alert systems up and running during the year 2020.

Goal 4: Good Governance

Good governance framework provides the government with the assurance that the Ministries and Departments are performing at a high level and are positioned to support the Government in its quest to achieve the goals and objectives of the country.  The analysis noted that:

  • Both the external and internal Audit Offices have played an integral role in ensuring compliance with the governments financial regulations and to strengthen the governance and control issues within the public sector during the fiscal year 2020-21.
  • The ability to monitor financial crimes such as money laundering and other electronic crimes is also part crime management strategy for the Commissioner of Police. Some of these areas are were addressed by the Financial crime unit. In addition, through the administration of Justice the Department of Public Prosecution completed sufficiency hearings for the High Court and managed to complete a number of trials at both the Magistrate and High Courts.

Goal 5: Population:

  • The population goal is an area that requires critical attention from the Government. The goal of the Government is to get to a viable population size which will in turn help with the progress economically. This objective is expected to be conducted using various strategies.
  • The estimated population for 2020/21 was given at 4,626 persons living on Montserrat. It is interesting to note is that there was a slight increase by 107 persons in the estimated population size in 2020 when compared to 2019. Births for 2020 increased by 110% as compared to 2019.

The entire National Performance Report 2020-2021 can be accessed on The Government’s website on the publications portal or on the Office of the Premier’s Monitoring & Evaluation Unit’s page.  The direct link to the report is:

National-Performance-Report-for-2020-21.pdf (

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