The Montserrat Tourism Division is officially launching its Environmental Awareness Campaign which will span over a six month period from July to December, 2022. 

The intent of this campaign, is to inform the public about the importance of Montserrat’s unique environment and the benefits to be derived from it, especially from a tourism perspective.  In addition, it aims to foster behavioural change and stimulate environmental involvement, while creating a sense of personal pride and appreciation for the environment.

The natural environment has been recognized as one of Montserrat’s key pillars, as identified in the Tourism Strategy, since it forms the basis for almost any tourism experience on the island.

As the Environmental Awareness Champion, Creative Director of Goldenmedia, Nerissa Golden, has been commissioned to deliver the programme on behalf of the Tourism Division. 

Miss Golden will work collaboratively with other ministries and stakeholders in its delivery to include the Department of the Environment, Ministry of Education, Montserrat National Trust and others.  Its delivery will be done using both traditional and modern tools and techniques to translate the content and overall messaging which promises to be interactive and exciting. 

 Director of Tourism, Rosetta West-Gerald, commented on this latest endeavor, stating, “The Montserrat Tourism Division looks forward to the full support of the public and for ultimately creating a pool of environmental stewards who will continue the charge to protect and conserve the environment, which we so heavily depend on.” 

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