Testing on Arrival Discontinued

The Ministry of Health and Social Services announced, Friday, the end of a number of COVID-19 monitoring and suppression measures, in keeping with decisions made by Cabinet.

As of 1 October, 2022 testing of passengers on arrival to the island will be discontinued at all ports of entry, that is the John A.Osborne Airport and the Little Bay Seaport.

The mandatory ten day isolation period for individuals testing positive for COVID-19 will also be discontinued.

Officials from the Ministry of Health revealed that these measures were ending given the increased knowledge of the disease process and an increased capacity to manage the disease through vaccination, as well as the availability of medication for treatment and other means.

It was also indicated that going forward testing forCOVID-19 will continue only for individuals with symptoms of the virus and for persons being admitted to the Glendon Hospital.

Individuals experiencing flu-like symptoms associated with COVID-19 are now asked to seek medical attention at the St. John’s Health Centre Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. where they can be tested,reviewed by a district medical officer and given the appropriate sick leave from work or school if required.

Residents are asked to remain mindful that the virus does have the potential to be life threatening and persons who are unwell should seek immediate medical attention at the Glendon Hospital at the first sign of serious symptoms; which include difficulty breathing or shortness of breath,loss of speech or mobility, or confusion and chest pain.

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