Passenger Travel Arrangements to and from Montserrat

Further to the Press Release issued on Friday, 11th November 2022, the Access Division regrettably informs that our considerable efforts to put a ferry service in place for December 2022 have been unsuccessful, due to Operator rescheduling challenges.

With this development, every effort is being made to ensure that adequate air support will be available, to accommodate passengers who wish to travel to Montserrat during the high season.

Please note that the Access Division remains committed to assisting when and wherever possible with travel to and from Montserrat, as per the Schedule below:  
 Fly MontserratBMN (SVG) AirWINAIR (MACG Charters)WINAIR  (GoM Charters)
Schedule3 times a day,                            7 days a week   Charters available3 times a day, 7 days a week   Charters availableFlights are based on traveler demandFlights are based on traveler  demand
Contact Info664-491-3434   info@flymontserrat.com664-392-3877 (MNI)  268-562-8033 (ANU)   expresshandlers2012@gmail.com954-805-5663   macgcharters@gmail.com664-491-3378                   664-392-3600

Please be informed also that interested persons can get quick updates and query responses by adding the Access Division to your mobile and Whatsapp list.  Add us on 664 392 3600 and call or message us for any enquiries.

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