“COVID-19 XBB Variant Information” in Circulation Not Issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Services

6 January 2023 –   The Ministry of Health and Social Services wishes to inform the general public that a report on social media causing alarm about the COVID-19 XBB variant did not originate from the Ministry.

The report began circulating across the Caribbean region in late December 2022; prompting Ministries of Health in several islands and the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) to issue statements labelling the report “fake news”.

The Ministry of Health and Social Services remains committed to keeping the public informed as our local COVID-19 situation evolves. The general public is encouraged to access health information from official channels to ensure that the information received is accurate and credible.

Residents of Montserrat are further reminded that COVID-19 remains a serious health threat for populations vulnerable to severe infection and all efforts should be made to decrease risk of contracting the virus, such as practicing good hygiene and maintaining an appropriate distance from others if ill. Persons should also consider mask wearing in public spaces and vaccination against the virus for added protection.

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