Ministry of Health Conducts Hypertension Self-Management Courses

The Ministry of Health and Social Services has concluded two (2) Hypertension Self- management Courses designed to improve lifestyle management, medication adherence and self-blood pressure monitoring of persons living with the non-communicable disease. 

Director of Primary Health; Dr. Dorothea Hazel- Blake revealed that the course was an important step in reducing the burden of the disease. She stated:

“Uncontrolled hypertension is a significant risk factor for serious cardiovascular events such as stroke and heart failure. These complications cripple our community through premature death and disability as well as placing a financial strain on our health care system. It is a public health crisis and we must reduce the risk; not only by providing clinical services and medication but by equipping individuals living with hypertension with the education and tools to manage their blood pressures on a daily basis.”

Director of Primary Health; Dr. Dorothea Hazel- Blake

She added that the group- based education method employed in the course has been proven effective for improving blood pressure control and urged the 48 attendees to remain active participants in their health and wellness. 

 A key component of the Courses was the donation of fifty (50) Omron Blood Pressure monitors which participants were gifted. The donation was made possible through the efforts of Miss Vanessa Farrell of VI Health and Wellness Coaching; who mounted a Go Fund Me Campaign to support the Ministry’s initiative. 

The Ministry of Health and Social Services extends its gratitude to Miss Farrell and the members of the diaspora for their kind donation. 

Due to an overwhelming positive response to the Hypertension Self-management Course, residents can look out for a third installment in the months to come. 

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