With the enactment of the Montserrat Penal Code (Amendment) Act, 2022, Government is taking a firm stance against cybercrimes targeting our most vulnerable – the children. This crucial piece of legislation stands as a powerful shield that safeguards their innocence.

The Don’t Hit Send” campaign is not just a slogan or tagline; it embodies a profound message of responsibility and empathy in the digital age. As Minister of Communications, as a father and husband, and someone who cares about the people of this land, I urge each one of you to embrace this message and join in the collective responsibility of protecting our children’s well-being.

Within our close-knit community, the impact of cybercrimes can be devastating. Our children deserve the freedom to explore the digital world without fear, while we, as adults, must ensure that they are protected at all costs. This law does not only affect children but it also protects us adults from various crimes such as sharing of private photos and videos without permission, sending messages through social media with the intention to cause harm and distress among many other measures. These are just a few acts that are now illegal.

I implore the people of Montserrat to be vigilant in reporting any suspicious activities, to protect our children from the darker corners of the internet. By uniting as a community, we can build a brighter future, one where our children thrive in a safe and nurturing digital environment.

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