Montserrat Breadfruit and Mango Fest 2023

The Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Housing and Environment would like to thank all the participants, sponsors, volunteers and organizers for a successful Breadfruit and Mango Fest. Each festival day was substantive and achieved its respective goal. The seminar and training day was excellent with presentations from the Ministry’s technical staff as well as foreign presenters from the Trees That Feed Foundation and the breadfruit vodka company Mutiny Island Vodka. Our youth quiz bowl was an exciting event that was full of energy from our summer campers that displayed their breadfruit and mango knowledge. The final festival day was truly special with an array of wonderful products that demonstrated Montserrat’s creativity and culinary skills. From mango liqueurs to breadfruit crust pizzas we truly realized that Montserrat has the talent to make special products out of these plentiful fruits.

We would like to particularly recognize the following entrants who participated in the competition.

Frances Weekes, Shenlia Fenton, Lorraine Simpson, Jamilia Greenaway, Janette Dyer-Meade, Kathrina Daway, Laverne Ryner, Carral Prince-Martin, Anne Cassell, Natalie Barker, Ronald Barzey, Stephonelle Francois, Tabeanna Tuitt, Veta Nicholas, Deneese Fenton, Denica Bramble, Kacey Lewis, Kavika Jarrett, Keilah Ryan, Juanique Roach, Anita Baker & Mavis Lee, Patricia Farrell-Daway, Anita Valecha, Kaylon Daway, and Gracelyn Cassell.

We hope that these participants continue to develop their products and create successful businesses. The festival night was spectacular with the masquerades, matrix dancers and steel pan taking us into our breadfruit vodka lyme with a unique breadfruit menu prepared by Chef Anthonet and breadfruit vodka cocktails by Miss Shanique Hoyte. This event is the start of something special and we believe that products from this festival can be successfully developed for the local and export market. This is our inaugural Breadfruit and Mango Fest so its just the beginning. We are certain next year will be even bigger and better.

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