The Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) is aware of a victim safety briefing document that has been circulating on social media and was also broadcast by ZJB today, Tuesday, September 12th 2023. 

The RMPS would like to make clear to the public that this document was produced in line with our standard police safety briefing intended as a private and confidential document for a specific and small number of individuals.

As such, this private police document was not intended to be shared in any way and was not for public distribution.

The RMPS is conducting a full investigation into how, why and by whom this document was made public.

The safety and protection of the Montserrat community is the key purpose of the Royal Montserrat Police Service. 

We understand that the publication and unauthorized circulation of this document may have caused individuals distress and we are sorry that this has happened. 

We would like to remind the public that this is a private police document and it should not be shared, posted on social media or aired in any way.

We appreciate the public’s understanding and patience as we work to resolve this matter and uphold our duty to serve and protect the community of Montserrat.

Dr. Nicholas Caveney
Commissioner of Police
Royal Montserrat Police Service

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