Governor of Montserrat, Her Excellency Sarah Tucker and the Premier, Hon. Joseph E. Farrell have issued the following statement on the passing of Lady Judy Martin, OBE.

It is with great sadness that we heard of the passing of Lady Judy Martin, OBE, wife of Sir George Martin and Mother to Lucie and Giles.

At 95 years old, Lady Martin lived a full life, supporting Montserrat with her husband Sir George Martin through the Montserrat foundation, which built the Cultural Centre. She provided music support to our children and most recently provided a bus to enable those with disabilities greater access around the island.

Sir George Martin and Lady Judy Martin were the most fervent supporters of Montserrat, from the time of Air Studios. Many people on the island held strong bonds of friendship, and we offer our condolences to them as they mourn the loss of our friend Judy.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Lucie, Giles and the Martin family. We hope they will find some comfort in knowing the love and affection that is held here in Montserrat for their mother.

May she rest in peace and her soul rise in glory.

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