On Monday, February 5, 12:00 PM, Her Excellency Mrs Sarah Tucker, Deputy Premier, Dr. the Honourable Samuel Joseph, and Mr Herman ‘Cupid’ Francis, will take delivery of a generous donation of musical instruments from the Guernsey Music Service.

Governor Sarah and Mr Howard Tucker are Patrons of “Small Beginnings”, Montserrat’s youth orchestra, founded by Herman ‘Cupid’ Francis. The orchestra provides free access to music to the children of Montserrat. It also gives children the benefit of learning from Cupid, who teaches strings, brass and reeds, and is supported by Mr Tucker for flutes.

As part of her role as Patron, Governor Tucker had asked if any other part of the British family wanted to connect with Montserrat. Tim Wright, Director of the Islands Guernsey Music Service immediately responded, and with the support of Guernsey’s Lieutenant Governor, Lieutenant General Richard Cripwell CBE, this relationship was born. Beginning with the sharing of musical instruments and music, there are further plans to develop the partnership, to include teacher visits and activities for the children.

The Governor’s Office states, “This is an excellent example of collaboration: the British family working together for the greater good and linking young people together musically. Playing music is not only enjoyable but provides numerous cognitive, emotional and social benefits for children. Music enhances the overall development of children and contributes to their wellbeing and resilience. Montserrat is no stranger to music, as it is in the Islands DNA, and amplified by the late Sir George Martin and his musical creations with Air Studios.”

Sir George Martin had a home in Alderney in the Channel Islands where his daughter Alexis now lives, making this connection with Montserrat even more poignant. Coming full circle – the Martin family, who raised the funds to build the Montserrat Cultural Center and have previously provided music teachers to the island, continue their support through a donation from the foundation, that this year will promote the development of the relationship, enabling continued collaboration through music.

Her Excellency the Governor expressed her gratitude to Lieutenant General Richard Cripwell, Mr Tim Wright, and the Music Service for their generous donation of musical instruments and to DHL for their safe and free delivery.

Her Excellency is delighted to welcome Lucie and Giles, two of Sir George’s children to the event, as they are visiting Montserrat next week.

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