Montserrat Tourism Division Partners with Statistics Department to Launch Exit Surveys

The Montserrat Tourism Division, Office of the Premier, in collaboration with the Statistics Department, Ministry of Finance is pleased to announce the commencement of exit surveys during the month of March (1-31 March, 2024). These surveys aim to gather vital data to enhance Montserrat’s tourism industry and visitor experience.

The initiative, which will be conducted at both air and sea ports of entry, seeks to engage unemployed individuals in the community to assist with the survey administration. To facilitate this process, the Tourism Division is partnering with the Statistics Department, to recruit suitable candidates.

Interested individuals, aged 18 and older, with a friendly and charismatic disposition, are encouraged to apply online at The deadline for applications is February 16, 2024. Limited hard copies of the application forms are also available at the Statistics Department in St. John’s.

Applicants should be prepared to work flexible hours and play a crucial role in gathering valuable feedback from visitors to the island.  The data collected will be instrumental in shaping tourism strategies and improving the overall visitor experience on the island.

To promote the vacancy, flyers are available on the Statistics Department’s Facebook page (@statistics department montserrat) and the Montserrat Tourism Division’s Facebook and Instagram pages (@montserrattourismdivision).

Speaking on the importance of collecting this data, Director of the Tourism Division, Mrs. Rosetta West Gerald stated, “Understanding visitor preferences and behaviors is essential for the sustainable development of our tourism industry. These exit surveys will provide us with invaluable insights that will inform strategic decision-making and help us create memorable experiences for all visitors to Montserrat.”

Siobhan Tuitt, Chief Statistician added, “Visitor expenditure surveys are crucial for statistical offices to gauge tourism’s economic impact, aiding in planning and policymaking for sustainable growth. We are happy to collaborate with the Montserrat Tourism Division on this vital initiative.”

For more information about the exit surveys or the application process, please contact the Montserrat Tourism Division at 491 4703 or the Statistics Department 491 3797.

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