Lindorna Sweeney Confirmed as Next Deputy Governor Effective September 1, 2024

Mrs Lyndell Simpson, the current Deputy Governor, as previously announced, will exit the post at the end of July 2024, having completed several years of service,  including being Acting Governor on numerous occasions. 

Her Excellency The Governor said ‘There will be time in the future to say my proper thank you and good wishes to the Honourable Deputy Governor, but I want to acknowledge all of her hard work and commitment to Montserrat and to the Office of the Governor. The role of the Deputy Governor is not at all easy. Mrs Simpson has  overseen the continual development of the Public Service, and I know when the time  comes for her to depart, she will be missed.’ 

In accordance with The Constitution, Her Excellency The Governor has undergone a rigorous recruitment process, with support locally and from Governors from other territories, utilising an external recruitment agency to ensure a robust, independent assessment of skills and personality. The Governor would like to thank all who took part in the process, and to all applicants.  

The Honourable Premier has been consulted throughout the process and the new appointment now has the approval of the Secretary of State. 

Her Excellency The Governor Mrs Sarah Tucker is pleased to confirm the appointment of Mrs Lindorna Sweeney as the next Deputy Governor for Montserrat,  with effect from 1st September 2024. 

Mrs Sweeney brings strong experience of the Public Sector, effective fiscal and people management, transformation and development skills. 

Her Excellency The Governor said ‘I am delighted to confirm this appointment. I  know that Lindorna Sweeney will take up the role with enthusiasm, pragmatism and professionalism. She is well known and respected across the public service and so  will be able to start the role with minimal induction.’ 

Premier Farrell said ‘The role of Deputy Governor is a challenging one, that requires  continued leadership, dedication to public service and commitment to the people of  Montserrat, I am confident this appointment will ensure The Governor and the Public  Service continues to have the support and drive it requires, and I offer my sincere  congratulations to Mrs Lindorna Sweeney.’

This appointment will create a vacancy of Financial Secretary in the Ministry of  Finance. 

Her Excellency is pleased to confirm that having consulted with the Premier it has been agreed that Mr Kenya Lee will take the role of Acting Financial Secretary with effect from the 1st of August 2024. 

Further announcements will be made in relation to this position in due course.  Any questions or queries in relation to these matters should be directed to

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