Department of Environment

Overview of Department:

The Department of Environment was established as a separate entity in 2006, however many of the functions of the department were formally carried out by the Forestry Division which fell under the remit of the Department of Agriculture.

The Department’s key roles are to provide environmental stewardship, promote conservation and advise on the sustainable development of Montserrat.  Responsibilities include direct management responsibility for climate change, biodiversity conservation and Multilateral Environmental Agreements and collaborative responsibility for monitoring developmental best practices.  

The DOE is guided principally by the Conservation and Environmental Management Act (CEMA). 


To achieve long-term protection and sustainable productivity of Montserrat’s natural resources and the ecosystem services they provide in support of optimal and equitable economic, social and cultural development for present and future generations.


 To efficiently and effectively carry out the responsibilities for mainstreaming environmental matters and ensuring the protection, conservation and sustainable management and use of natural resources and the environment by (1) promoting sound environmental management policies and practices through policy formulation and implementation, monitoring, data analysis, regulation, education, information and advice and (2) assisting organizations and agencies across the public, private and civil society sectors in achieving their mandates through support, coordination and facilitation.

Department News

Tree Planting Day 2021

The Department of Environment is inviting persons to attend the 30th anniversary of National Tree Planting Day, on Wednesday 15th December 2021. Persons can purchase


The Department of Environment (DOE) is responsible for environmental management and includes the following areas;

  • Direction and implementation of environmental policy;
  • Biodiversity conservation and research;
  • Management of protected areas;
  • Multilateral environmental agreements;
  • Climate change – policy, adaptation and mitigation;
  • Sustainable forestry and watershed management;
  • Environmental assessment and monitoring;
  • Public education and outreach; and
  • Collection and management of environmental data.

The DOE also provides technical support and professional advice via coordination and facilitation of environmental best practice.


Ernestine Corbett

Main Contact Details

Address: Department of Environment
Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Housing and the Environment, Brades, P.O. Box 272 MSR 1110

Tel: 664-491-9278

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