Airport Management

Overview of Department:

John A Osborne Airport formerly Gerald’s Airport was dedicated in February 2005 by Princess Anne and the facility was formally opened on 11 July 2005. It has been the life line of air access for Montserrat since the devastation of the Bramble Airport by an eruption of the nearby Soufriere Hills Volcano. It was designed to facilitate mostly the twin otter aircraft. It is the only airport in the Caribbean with a public tunnel under its runway. The airport has to abide by regional and international regulations to remain open, compliant and function as a safe and reliable airport facility. The John A Osborne Airport plays a vital role as it relates to access to Montserrat


Air Traffic Control:- A service provided by ground-based Air Traffic Controllers who direct aircraft on the ground and through controlled airspace for the purpose of preventing collisions, expediting and maintaining an orderly flow of air traffic, and providing information and other support for pilots.

  • Aeronautical Information Services: - A service established to ensure the flow of aeronautical data and information necessary for the safety, regularity, and efficiency of International Air Navigation.
  • Aeronautical Meteorological Services: - Provides routine meteorological reports – aviation-critical weather information necessary for ensuring efficient flight operations and aviation safety.

Security: - Provide screening and searching of passengers, staff and customers to ensure a safe environment for all facility users.

  • 24 Hour Security
  • 24 Hour CCTV Surveillance and Footage storage availability.

Airport Manager

Mr. Joseph Irish

Main Contact Details

John A. Osborne Airport, Gerald’s Montserrat, MSR1110, Montserrat

Tel: 664-491-6218

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