Overview of Department:

The Montserrat Energy Unit is charged with the mandate of ensuring that the public is well aware of energy efficiency and conservation, developing a modern reliable and sustainable energy infrastructure, maximizing the use of indigenous energy resources and to establish governance, institutional, legal and regulatory framework to support future energy sector development. All these activities are geared at improving the island’s energy security.


The core functions of the Montserrat Energy Unit are as follows:

  • To advise and to make recommendations regarding measures necessary to ensure the efficient management of energy in the public interest
  • To facilitate and accelerate the development and implementation of indigenous energy resources.
  • To facilitate the implementation and periodic updating of Montserrat National Energy Policy and Action Plan
  • Execute research into all sources of energy for the generation of energy, and securing more efficient utilization of energy and sources of energy.
  • To monitor the performance of Montserrat energy sector in Montserrat
  • To disseminate information relating to energy management, including energy conservation and the development and utilization of alternative sources of energy
  • To collaborate with various regional and international development partners to facilitate the implementation of Energy Efficiency, Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy programs and projects. ​

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Energy Director

Kenrick Burke

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Ministry of Communication, Works, Energy and Labour
MCWEL Main Office
P.O. Box 344

MSR 1110

Tel: 664-491-2321/2322


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