Industrial Relations & Employment Services

Overview of Department:

At the Labour Department of we are concerned with the creation and promotion of a working environment in Montserrat with a focus on industrial peace and harmony among the three pillars of the labour market: the Government, Employers and Workers. We therefore perform our duties consistent with the internationally adopted best practice emphasizing a tripartite approach in our local practice. This involves the oversight of trade unions and serving as the focal point for the development and promotion of human rights legislation on behalf of the Government of Montserrat.


The Department of Labour aims to be a modernized agency for human rights protection, employment relations and labour market administration with the deployment of highly competent staff.


Our Mission is to implement labour administration and enforce legislation in keeping with international labour standards and best practices for the benefit of the community, employers and workers while promoting a safe, healthy and harmonious environment.


  • Develop educational programs to fill short and long term needs
  • Provide information in regards to the Labour Code to employer and employee
  • To resolve disputes between employer and employee
  • To carry out workplace inspections
  • To conduct health care awareness campaigns

Main Contact Details

Ministry of Communication, Works, Labour and Energy, Brades, MSR1110, MontserratTel: 664-491-4010

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