Policy and Planning Division

Overview of Department:

The Policy and Planning team leads the formulation of national development strategies and provides technical support and oversight to the development of socioeconomic policies and ministry strategic plans across the Government of Montserrat. 


A reputable culture of planning and policy formulation founded on inclusivity, transparency and accountability. 


A committed and skilled team engaging and collaborating with all stakeholders in the formulation, execution and monitoring of national development strategies, strategic plans and socioeconomic policies towards the outcome of a wholesome Montserrat.


  • Leads the formulation/revision of national development strategies, plans and programmes such as the SDP.
  • Establishes policy management processes and standards within the Government of Montserrat and provides guidance to ministries on the development of sector policies.
  • Provides advice on the Government’s policy agenda and its strategic implications in consultation with relevant agencies.
  • Leads the strategic planning process across government ministries to ensure the alignment of strategic objectives with policy priorities.
  • Advises on the domestic policy implications of regional and international developments and conventions.
  • Promotes awareness and sensitization about matters related to policy and development planning.

Department News


Deonne Semple

Main Contact Details

Policy & Planning Division

Ministry of Finance and Economic Management

Government Headquarters




Tel: 664-491-2777

email sempled@gov.ms  

Departments/Unit Contact Information

Director: Deonne Semple 
Email: sempled@gov.ms 
Main Tel: 664-491-2777

Development Planner: Tyrell Duberry 
Email: duberryt@gov.ms 

Main Tel: 664-491-2777

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