Statistics Department

Overview of Department:

“As the national statistical office, our role is to tell this island’s story in numbers using high quality, reliable and relevant statistical information. Statistics are fundamental to all of our lives—in the growth and sustainable development of our Country and for the well-being of our people. That is why we have made it easier for you to access the information you need, when you need it, to make informed decisions on our society and economy.”


To collect, process, compile, analyse, interpret and disseminate statistical data for the use of the Public and Private sectors of Montserrat and for Regional and International organizations. We pride ourselves in working diligently as a team to produce timely, reliable, and relevant official statistics that are internationally comparable.


Telling Montserrat’s story through data.


Department News

Chief Statistician

Siobhan Tuitt

The SDM is the custodial authority over dissemination of Official Statistics Nationally.
  • We process data requests and Census requests;
  • Conduct and produce various Regionally and Internationally recognized Censuses and Surveys.

Main Contact Details

Statistics Department
Ministry of Finance and Economic Management
P O Box 292
Government Headquarters
Brades, Montserrat

Tel:664-491-3797 / 3794 Mobile: 664-495-3797



Department Contact Information

Chief Statistician: Siobhan Tuitt 


Main Tel: 664-491-3797/3794 Mobile: 664-495-3797

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