Treasury Department

Overview of Department:

The Treasury Department is mandated to safeguard the Government of Montserrat (GoM) assets, control and manage its funds and resources, and produce GOM statutory and financial management reports. The new Public Finance (Management and Accountability) Act 2008 (PFMAA) requires the Department and all other GoM agencies to enhance transparency and accountability in the control and management of public funds and all other resources.

The Act expands the mandate of the Treasury to include, setting and overseeing the implementation of accounting standards throughout Government. It also requires the Treasury to produce financial management information in accordance with the set standards, and in accordance with international best practices.


An efficient and effective Department committed to the management and reporting of Government’s financial operations, supported by quality-focused  team members and the clever use of information technology.


To provide accurate, economical, and efficient financial payment, collection, accounting and reporting services on the transactions of the GoM, in compliance with all relevant statutes, regulations and professional accounting standards, for the benefit of the Public Service and all other stakeholders.

Department News

Accountant General

Mr. Courtney K Crump


The services provided by the Treasury Department fall under three (3) broad ares:


  • Implementation of the legislation under the Public Finance (Management and Accountability) Act.
  • Production of Statutory Reports.
  • Production of more timely and accurate financial management information that will support the attainment of the Sustainable Development Plan (SDP) Objectives and GoM Priority Agenda.
  • Better utilization and enhancement of the accountability for GoM funds and resources.
  • Provision of accounting support to client ministries and departments.

Treasury Services Unit:

  • Salaries, pensions and wages are accurately processed, recorded and paid on time.
  • Systems and controls relating to funds received and paid are constantly reviewed to ensure that they are effective in all ministries and departments.
  • Put in place adequate provisions (as far as practicable) for the safe custody of public money, property, and securities and accountable documents.
  • All monies from Ministries, departments, individuals, institutions and donors are received, receipted, recorded, safeguarded, banked and reconciled.

Financial Management Services Unit:

  • Ensure that an appropriate system of accounting is established in each Government Ministry, Department, fund agency or reporting unit which ensures that all money received and paid by Government is brought promptly and properly to account.
  • Ensure effective financial management, data processing and optimal usage of accounting software through provision of backup support to user department.
  • Effectively manage and maintain the Consolidated Fund and Development Fund.
  • Compile and Manage accounts of Government.
  • provide specification for every Government ministry, department, fund, agency or other reporting unit required to produce accounts under the PFMAA.

Main Contact Details

Treasury Department

Government Headquarters

Brades MSR1110



Tel: 664-491-2663; 491-2454

Fax: 664-491-2453


Departments/Unit Contact Information

Accountant General: Courtney K Crump
Main Tel: 664-491-7896

Deputy Accountant General: Kathleen V. White

Main Tel: 664-491-2663/2454

Assistant Accountants:

Janetta D. Samuel-White

Stephanie Mathew  

Main Tel: 664-491-2663/2454

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