Overview of Department:

The Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) is the Caribbean Development Bank’s (CDB) flagship grant funded programme for direct poverty reduction through improvements to basic economic and social infrastructure and services, and increasing opportunities for economic activity through skills training, capacity building and institutional development support.

BNTF (Montserrat) is the managing office or  on-island Implementing Agency,  tasked with administering and coordinating all functions relating to the projects undertaken, including internal controls acceptable to the CDB.


BNTF’s (Montserrat) mission is in line with CDB’s overall mission to be efficient, responsive and collaborative working towards the systematic reduction of poverty through social and economic development programmes.

What We Do?

The BNTF programmes support a socially inclusive development process that empowers the poor and vulnerable, and supports institutional development.

CDB, with financing from the Special Development Fund (Unified) and counterpart funding from beneficiary Governments, manages BNTF and supports projects in various sectors to include, education and human resources development, livelihoods enhancement; water and sanitation; and basic community access and drainage.  Other areas supported include project management, institutional development, monitoring and evaluation, and provision of technical services. coordination.  Using the Bank’s resource allocation formula, funds are granted to countries eligible to participate in BNTF.

­Community participation is essential to every sub-project, as this facilitates local ownership of BNTF investments and enhances social capital within each community.

Over the years, BNTF programmes have contributed positively to Montserrat’s development efforts. Some of the programmes funded under previous BNTF cycles include, the construction of the Abbatoir in Brades; the Barzey’s Community Road Rehabilitation and the Drummonds Community Road Rehabilitation, among others.

The BNTF Oversight Entity, chaired by the Permanent Secretary, Office of the Premier, has overall responsibility for the execution of the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) Project in compliance with requirements, standards and covenants set out in the Grant Agreement between the Government and CDB.

Department News


Mervin Browne


  • Project planning,
  • Project implementation,
  • Project management,
  • Project Appraisal, and
  • Project Development

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Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF)
2nd Floor, Little Bay Public Market
Little Bay,Montserrat,MSR 1120

Tel: 664-491-2673
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