BROADCASTING UNIT (Radio Montserrat)

Overview of Department:

The mandate of Radio Montserrat is to inform, educate and entertain the populace of Montserrat, including the diaspora.

The establishment of the station as a private enterprise in 1952 coincided with the defeat of the merchant/planter class, as ordinary people exercised adult suffrage for the first time. There was a move at that to inform and educate people on social and economic issues affecting their livelihood. Government of Montserrat recognized this and the value of having an informed citizenry and took over Radio Montserrat in 1957.


To provide news, original content, information on government and community activities, and services that inform, entertain and educate all the residents of Montserrat and the overseas listening audience.

Department News


Mr. Herman Sargeant

Social Media


  • Collection of revenue on behalf of GoM for advertisements, promotions, obituaries and programmes
  • We provide News, Current Affairs and Information.
  • Entertainment
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Facilitate discussions on national, cultural, social & economic development, sporting and community issues.

Main Contact Details

Radio Montserrat
Government of Headquarters
P.O. Box 51

MSR 1110

Tel: 664-491-2885/ 491-6349/ 491-7242

Email addresses:



Departments/Unit Contact Information

Executive Producer: James White Jr.
Main Tel: 664-491-2463

Senior Announcer: Basil Chambers
Main Tel: 664-491-7227/9064 (studio lines)

Engineer: Ivor Greenaway
Main Tel: 664-491-6349

Senior Clerical Officer: Sharon West
Main Tel: 664-491-2885

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