External Affairs Unit

Overview of Department:

The Office of the Premier, through the External Affairs Unit is responsible for the development, implementation and promotion of certain external matters as they relate to:

  • Regional Cooperation;
  • Diaspora Affairs;
  • Immigration Policy;
  • Investment and Trade; Promotion; and
  • Diplomatic Relations including Economic/Development Diplomacy.


In line with Government of Montserrat’s priority of rebuilding the population and economy, the Unit’s mandate is to facilitate sustainable development opportunities for Montserrat through

1) Strategic cooperation and collaboration with key external partners. 

2) Execution of mutually-beneficial bilateral and multilateral agreements, and

3) Promotion of Montserrat’s interests overseas and in the Diaspora as an ideal business and investment location and/or a desirable place to live, work and visit. 

Department News


Ms. Debra Lewis

Main Contact Details

Office of the Premier, Government Headquarters, Brade, Montserrat 

Tel: 664-491-3378

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