Government Information Unit (GIU)

Overview of Department:

The Government Information Unit (GIU) is a department under the portfolio of the Office of the Premier. The Head of the Unit is the Director of Information and Communication (DoIC).   The GIU, with the DoIC’s guidance, is the communications arm of Government, mandated to serve as a conduit for news and information for and about the Government’s Ministries and Departments, as it relates to their policies, programmes, projects and activities. The information and communication needs of the Government are channeled through various communication platforms, such as radio, television, online, print and social media.


To be a strong communications team delivering timely, accurate and dynamic public information from the Government of Montserrat.


To inform the people of Montserrat and the Diaspora about the Government’s, policies, programmes and activities in order to create awareness and understanding of Government lead developments on Montserrat, while at the same time providing an avenue for the expression of views and concerns of the people.


The fundamental elements of GIU’s Communication responsibility to the Government and people of Montserrat requires us to operate with:

  • Respect- For ourselves, each other and officers across the service.
  • Be Reliable – Commit to completing tasks in a timely manner
  • Accountable – We value a workplace where we are accountable for our actions, careful in our use of resources and take responsibility for our successes and failures, and view the latter as lessons to improve and grow.


The GIU provides a variety of information and communication support services to Government Ministries and Departments:

  1. Video Services – Recording and editing of events (press conferences, opening ceremonies etc) and interviews.
  2. Press release writing.
  3. Disseminating news to media houses for widespread distribution.
  4. Live video streaming of major state/national events.
  5. Interviews – Radio and Video.
  6. Photography.
  7. Social media postings and promotion of Government news and events.
  8. Graphics – Creation of posters and flyers for requested Government events. (done on a small scale)
  9. PSAs- Creation of PSAs and other public awareness productions across various platforms (done on a small scale)

Department News


Mrs. Viona Alexander-Smith

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Main Contact Details

Radio Montserrat Building,Davy Hill,Montserrat

Tel: 664-491-2711


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