Montserrat Arts Council (MAC)

Overview of Department:

The Montserrat Arts Council (MAC) has a mandate to foster the development of art; uplift the condition of arts and artists; advise the Minister on art and cultural matters; ensure the implementation of the government’s cultural policy; implement government’s regional and international cultural commitments; and co-ordinate the activities of the agencies in Montserrat responsible for cultural activities. The Montserrat Arts Council (MAC) bases its operations on the draft Montserrat Cultural Policy and MAC’s mandate. The following five thematic areas have been identified for priority attention:
  • Strengthen national identity by preserving and celebrating cultural forms;
  • Establish and strengthen relationships with regional and international organisations which support the cultural industry;
  • Strengthen MAC capacity to support cultural industries;
  • Strengthen Community Groups’ capacity to support cultural industries; and
  • Contribute to the economic growth of Montserrat through cultural industries.
These themes were used to develop and identify projects, workshops and programmes that were given technical and financial support.


To foster development of the arts, support the growth of our cultural industry and ensure implementation of the National Cultural Policy.


The MAC not only finances the major carnival and festivals on island, we also offer technical support to individuals and groups to help build our cultural industries. We do this by conducting workshops, facilitating regional and international experiences for our artists and other creatives. We champion policies on behalf of the cultural sector,  with the Government of Montserrat, and with our regional counterparts as part of the Regional Cultural Committee.

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Mr. Kenneth P. Silcott Sr.

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Montserrat Arts Council
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Head: Kenneth Silcott Sr.

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Head of Planning & Production: Ms. Vernaire Bass
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