Human Resources Management Unit (HRMU)

Overview of Department:

The Human Resources Management Unit is the department that handles Central Government Human Resources Management and Administration.   This is geared at the following:

  1. Improving the performance of the HRMU Team to deliver on its core functions.
  2. Improving HR services through the implementation of various key strategies.
  3. Ensuring that the Public Service has a cadre of professional, high-performing public officers with the competencies to drive the Government’s policy and legislative agenda.
  4. Fully comply with the Government of Montserrat Code of Ethics.
  5. Improving data management and supporting the development of evidence-based HR policies and strategies.
  6. Validating customer expectations through the review and development of service standards and the development of operational charters.
  7. Improving employee and customer satisfaction through the implementation of appropriate HR Strategies and protocols.
  8. Implementation of a fully functional Human Resources Information System (HRIS).


HRMU a model of excellence!


To recruit, retain and reward an elite cadre of high performing public officers to drive the Governments’ policy and legislative agenda.

Aims & Values

HR aims to provide the following:                                   

  • We aim to recognize performance.
  • We aim to effectively recruit and retain resources for the organization.
  • We aim to motivate and engage staff.
  • We aim to be confidential, honest and consistent.
  • We aim to respond to queries and resolve them in a timely manner.
  • We aim to model core values and behaviors.
  • We aim to adhere to HR policies and practices.
  • HR has ‘Values’ that underpins everything that it does. These are as follows:

    HR has ‘values’ that underpins everything that it does. These are as follows:

    • Deportment and Behaviour;
    • Support one another;
    • Teamwork
    • Trust and respect;
    • Honesty and integrity;
    • Share information;
    • Listening and caring;
    • Accountability and transparency;
    • Confidentiality;
    • Challenge (respectfully);
    • Professionalism; and
    • Impartiality and objectivity.


HRMU services are provided for the public service:

  • Recruitment and Retention;
  • Contracts, Appointments, Transfers and Leave Management;
  • Establishment/ Nominal Roll and Salaries/Wages;
  • HR Advice, Grievance and Disciplinary Management;
  • PSC Operations;
  • TC Execution;
  • Learning and Development; and
  • Human Resources Information System (HRIS).

Department News


The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom (CSC) is now inviting nominations from Montserrat for Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships for the 2024/2025 Academic Year. The

Chief Human Resources Officer

Dr. Miguelle Christopher


View or download this form:

Employee Information Form

Candidates for appointment to the Government Services should complete this form. 

Medical Examinations Form

This form is for public officers and the information that is provided will only be used for processing your MONTHLY SALARY



This form can be viewed or downloaded here:

Oath of Secrecy

Individuals who have accepted a Government of Montserrat’s offer of employment from overseas, must complete and submit this application form two(2) weeks before the date of appointment with the Immigration Department.

Immigration form

This application should be submitted two (2) weeks before the date of appointment with the Immigration Department.



To view or download the TD2 FORM for public officers desirous of applying for professional/ technical area qualifications, please click on the link below:

TD2 Form Professional Qualifications

Leave form for public officers:

Leave Form-1A

Complete and submit this form (public officers) to apply for a loan to purchase a motor car:

Application for Approval of a Loan for Motor Car

Public officers must complete and submit this form, to request a job letter from HRMU:


This form can be viewed or downloaded from the link below:

TD1 FORM Application for Scholarship Revised 4.2020 (Fin)

Performance Development Agreement and Review forms are available here:


Main Contact Details


Human Resources Management Unit

Government Headquarters



MSR 1110

Tel: (664) 491-2365/2444


Departments/Unit Contact Information

Chief Human Resources Officer: Mrs. Cheverlyn Williams-Kirnon 

Main Tel: 664-491-2361 ext: 7141

Director: Ms. Joycelyn Hogan
Main Tel: 664-491-2365 Ext: 7242

Director: Ms. Amuelle Kirnon
Main Tel: 664-491-2365 Ext: 7244

Director: Ms. Sherylene Dyer

Main Tel: 664-491-2365 Ext: 7250

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