Issue Date: April 3, 2020

The Ministry of Health and Social Services has received results from samples sent to CARPHA Reference Laboratory on Saturday March 28 and Tuesday March 31. The results revealed two (2) new positive cases of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

The positive individuals include one resident who is receiving treatment and one visitor who has left the island. This means that the number of positive (active) cases on Montserrat has increased from five (5) to six (6).

The Ministry assures the public that despite the departure of one person who has tested positive, the process of contact tracing for possibly exposed persons continues.

The World Health Organization has outlined a case definition of COVID-19 which clinicians are called to follow to avoid unnecessary testing. This is important as there is a global shortage of testing kits for COVID-19. In fact, Dr. Lisa Indar, Assistant Director of the Surveillance, Disease Prevention and Control Division of CARPHA, revealed in a press release earlier this week that CARPHA’s supply of testing reagents is projected to last for the next three weeks only, as they await their supplies which had been preordered since January of this year. This means that while here in Montserrat public calls are being made for increased testing, this cannot be facilitated. Testing will remain for those at highest risk of exposure to the disease and those displaying signs and symptoms associated with COVID-19.

A further update from the Ministry of Health revealed that of the six (6) positive cases on island, five (5) were in self-isolation and recovering well, while one (1) person is hospitalized and is being closely monitored. The public can expect that all individuals will remain in isolation until follow up tests shows no evidence of COVID-19.

At this time the Ministry of Health and Social Services would like to express thanks to you the public for helping us to manage this disease. By adhering to the Government mandated social distancing protocols, continuing to practice proper cough and sneeze hygiene, as well as cleaning and disinfecting our surroundings, we protect not just ourselves but in fact the whole Montserrat community.

Also, all are reminded that persons experiencing dry cough, fever, stuffy or runny nose and any other symptoms of the cold and flu should contact the St. Peter’s Clinic for medical assessment and care. The telephone numbers are 491-5436 or 496-9724.

Over the weekends, if you are experiencing dry cough, fever, stuffy or runny nose and any other symptoms of the cold and flu you should call the following telephone numbers 491 2802 and 491 2836.

Let us continue to work together to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Montserrat.

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