On Monday July 27, The Tourism Division launched a new destination video that features Montserrat’s more natural and charming character. It includes sweeping shots of the landscape, showing rich, green areas, mountain views hiking trails, sunsets, underwater adventures and the Caribbean Sea, all being enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

Director of Tourism, Warren Solomon, commented: “We wanted the video to appeal to the viewer’s yearning to travel to places that highlight peace, tranquility, beauty and friendliness where they can re-charge their batteries, and I think we were able to accomplish that.”

He added, “The world is not in a good place right now, but there are some shining lights, particularly in the Caribbean, where visitors can feel at ease and not have to deal with crowds and the fast-paced lifestyle. Montserrat is certainly one of those places.”

The video was produced by local graphic design and media agency, Hypnotik Montserrat, and they played a crucial role in securing the captivating video footage, as well as the talent, sometimes competing with Sahara Dust and rainy days to get that perfect shot.

“This feel-good video is an important tool to showcase the island’s charm and serenity,” said Rosetta West-Gerald, Product Development Officer at the Tourism Division. She added, “It is our hope that it would appeal to travelers who have an affinity with the outdoors, as well as members of the Montserratian Diaspora.”

The video is available on the Tourism Division’s social media pages under #islandofmontserrat and is currently being featured on the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s Facebook page.

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