The package of financial support and other incentives introduced in April by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management in response to the economic impact caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, has now closed.  

During the past months, the Ministry of Finance was the implementing authority for the salary support for workers package for the Tourism and Business sectors, and the one-off grant programme for all businesses.  

The Ministry of Finance indicated that over EC$2.5m was spent under the ‘Direct Salary Support to Employees’ and ‘Grant Support to Businesses’, over the past 4 months, as Government worked to cushion the economic impact of COVID-19.  464 persons benefitted from the Direct Salary Support to Employees and 93 businesses received Grant Support.  

The Ministry of Finance has completed all payments to approved applicants.  However, any queries about applications made or payments should be sent before  Friday August 21. 

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