Ministry of Health and Social Services Launches Satellite Clinic At the Lookout Warden Supported Apartments

The Ministry of Health and Social Services has launched a satellite clinic at the Lookout Warden Assisted Apartments.

This means residents of the apartment complex will now be able to access routine, monthly health care without needing to travel to the St. John’s Health Centre.

Commenting on the launch, Director of Primary Health Care, Dr. Dorothea Hazel–Blake said, “A basic tenet of Primary Health Care is ensuring that persons have access to required care; and ‘access’ means that there should be no physical, economic or social barriers that prevent persons from receiving needed care.  This service improves ease of access to health care for a vulnerable demographic, and provides an opportunity for the health team to provide personalized health education sessions aimed at empowering the residents to take charge of their health.”

The clinic operates on the third Friday of each month and is conducted by a Medical Officer and District Nurse attached to St. John’s Health Centre. Other health care professionals such as the Nutritionist, health promotion coordinator will provide services routinely.

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