PRISON VISITING COMMITTEE – Expression of Interest

The Office of the Deputy Governor, in an effort to afford a more transparent selection of members who serve on the Prison Visiting Committee (PVC) is inviting Expressions of Interest from suitably qualified candidates who wish to be considered for inclusion on the body.
We are seeking to recruit one (1) member effective October 1st 2023, an individual who demonstrates the necessary skills and competencies to serve on the committee.


The Prison Visiting Committee is constituted under the Prison Act of 2013 the purpose of exercising functions conferred on it by the Prison Rules as established in the act. Paragraph 42 (1) of the Prison Rules 2000 (No.3) makes provisions for the appointment of the Prison Visiting Committee. In general, the committee shall satisfy itself on the state of prisons and the treatment of prisoners.
Among other functions, the members of the committee are required to pay frequent visits to the prison and hear complaints which may be made by the prisoners. Additionally, they are required to consider periodically the character, conduct and prospects of each prisoner and report to the Governor on any matter which they consider as expedient.

The power to appoint members of the Committee is vested in the Governor. Individuals appointed as members of the committee shall hold office for up to two years with the possibility of reappointment. The duties are as follows:

  *   Hear any complaint or request that a prisoner wishes to make
  *   Arrange for an inspection of the food of the prisoners at frequent intervals
  *   Inquire into any report that is made that a prisoner’s health, mental or physical is likely to be injuriously affected by any conditions of his imprisonment
  *   Inquire into and report upon any matter into which the Governor may ask them to enquire
  *   Direct the attention of the Superintendent to any matter it considers calls for his attention and report to the Governor on any matter which it considers expedient to report on
  *   Inform the Governor immediately of any abuse which comes to its knowledge

Qualifications and Experience
The Office of the Deputy Governor is seeking individuals who possess;

  *   Excellent critical thinking skills, analytical skills and a capacity to conduct enquiries, obtain information and use sound judgement to reach conclusions.
  *   Excellent oral and written communication skills together with demonstrated experience in information gathering, presentation and report writing.
  *   Excellent ability to plan and deliver outcomes within agreed timeframes
  *   Excellent interpersonal skills
  *   Proficient in the use of Information Technology
  *   Individuals with a background in the field of law and human rights or who have experience in conducting investigations would be an asset.

Application: Content and Deadline
Suitably qualified and experienced individuals who wish to serve on this committee are asked to submit their Curriculum Vitae (CV), a Personal Statement explaining the value he/she can add to this role and at least one Reference.

Applications should be submitted via no later than Tuesday September 19th 2023.

Members remuneration is $500 per month (Chair) and $400 for member. The relevant taxes apply as per the Income Tax Act.

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