On Saturday 17th February, 2024 the Immigration Department and the Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS), through a joint operation, repatriated 18 Haitian nationals who had been found on a vessel in difficulties off the coast of Montserrat.

The vessel was intercepted on the 30th January, with the Haitian nationals on board consisting of men, women and children.

The captain of the vessel, Crawford Sabaroche, a 57 year old Dominican national was charged with smuggling of persons, and participating in an organized crime group.

He is currently remanded in custody at His Majesty’s Prison in Brades awaiting trial.

The RMPS is reiterating that Human Smuggling or Trafficking exploits vulnerable people.  The RMPS remains committed to working in partnership locally and regionally to safeguard victims and bring offenders involved in such criminality to justice. 

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