New Laboratory Information Management System Introduced at the Glendon Hospital

The Ministry of Health and Social Services has implemented a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) at the Glendon Hospital Laboratory.

SENAITE; is a trusted Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) used to manage various laboratory processes; including sample management, data analysis and quality control. The system will improve the service provided at the Laboratory by decreasing time to obtain results and permitting direct electronic dissemination of patient results to the requesting health professional, allowing for quicker diagnostic decisions to be made.

Senior Medical Technologist of the Glendon Hospital Laboratory; Mrs. Kimona Daniel – Bourne welcomed the installation of SENAITE noting, “SENAITE is very important to the Laboratory and to Montserrat as it plays a significant role in ensuring compliance with established practices and protocols in the laboratory field.

Permanent Secretary of Health and Social Services, Ms. Camille Thomas- Gerald echoed the sentiments of Mrs. Daniel – Bourne further expressing that “This kind of system can contribute greatly to enhanced efficiency, accuracy and overall quality in laboratory operations in Montserrat and forms a part of our wider mandate to improve patient care through the use of safe and trusted technology.”

The system was installed in collaboration with the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) and SENAITE consultant and the Department of Information, Technology, E-Government Services (DITES).

The team will continue to work closely with Laboratory Staff and Mr. Jevon West who is a Project Officer assigned to the Health Information System to ensure a successful pilot of the system and full and seamless integration into Laboratory functions.

(l-r): Jevon West (Health Information Project Officer); Kimona Daniel-Bourne (Senior Medical Technologist), Dr. Sharra Greenaway-Duberry (Chief Medical Officer); Camille Thomas-Gerald (Permanent Secretary, Health & Social Services); Gabriel Garcia (IT Manager, CARPHA); Jordi Puiggene (Managing Director Consultancy Firm-Digital Response Connecting of Citizen’s Programme)
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