The Port Development Project has reached a major milestone with the transportation of the first set of reinforced concrete caissons from the manufacturing site in Piper’s Pond to the site of the future pier.

The transportation of approximately 320 caissons (concrete block structures) began on Tuesday, 19th March and will be an ongoing aspect of this project.  The transportation is expected to be conducted on a daily basis.  

Due to this activity, there would be potential disruptions to the motoring public as the caissons would be transported from Piper’s Pond along the Robert W. Griffith Drive taking a left at the Little Bay Roundabout and making its way to the Montserrat Port Authority. Each trip would take approximately 5-10mins depending on traffic.  Once the caisson production rate increases, more information would be provided to the general public in terms of delays and potential diversions.  Motorists are therefore asked not to park along the side of the main road heading into the Port Authority in the vicinity of Dre’s Chill Out Spot and the other businesses. This is to ensure unimpeded traffic flow for both motorists and caisson transport.

The Port Development Project Team stated that the Contractor endeavours to transport them outside of peak traffic hours as much as possible, though the occasional exceptions may occur.  The Team is therefore soliciting the support and understanding of the public during the times when the caissons are being transported as this necessary disruption has to take place for the project to progress and be delivered to the Montserrat community.  Motorists are urged to drive with due care and attention when encountering the caissons being transported through the Little Bay area.

The caissons are substantial concrete block structures, which would serve as the fundamental elements for the upcoming pier construction. 

The Port Development Project Team explained that caissons would be stacked one on top of the other in two rows  (as depicted by the red rectangles shown on the Caisson Transport Route map image).  The next step, after tidying up work is conducted in the water in front of the causeway, would be placing temporary caissons into the water to signal the start of the construction of the pier.

The Montserrat Port Development Project will improve the efficiency, effectiveness and resilience of the port facilities to provide a safe harbour and accessibility to all users. The Montserrat Port Development Project where “Community Progress is our Purpose”.

Image depicting how the Caissons will be stacked in the water
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