Attorney General's Chambers

The Acts listed below are primary pieces of legislation passed by the Legislative Assembly. Periodically, the Acts in force in Montserrat are subjected to a law revision. Law revision is a process by which the entire Statute Book of Montserrat is revised and consolidated up to a particular date, known as the cut-off date. No changes are made to the substance of the laws; the laws are merely reproduced to enable convenient access to all the laws as at the cut-off date.

The last cut-off date was 1st January 2019. Therefore the authoritative version of the laws of Montserrat passed up to 1st January 2019 is the ‘Revised Edition of the Laws, showing the laws as at 1st January 2019’.  Any law passed after 1st January 2019 is not incorporated in the ‘Revised Edition of the Laws showing the laws as at 1st January 2019’.

The Acts passed after 1st January 2019 (the last revision date) are as follows:

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