Department of Community, Youth
and Sports Services

Overview of Department:

The Department of Community, Youth & Sports Services, a Department of the Ministry of Education Youth Affairs & Sports. The DCYSS operates as the primary point of contact and provides services and support for programmes in Community Development, Youth Services, Sports Development and Ecclesiastic Affairs.


A people centered department focused on creating the enabling environment for all our young people and the wider community to be able to maximize the benefits from the policies, programs and projects of government and our social partners, outlined for Youth and Sports through a well-trained and committed staff giving priority to the needs of the clients and providing leadership and inspiration thus creating a more progressive society; understanding the vast potential of investment in people and the goals and objectives which must be achieved to create real change, and underpin sustainable development.


The Department of Youth Affairs and Sports (DYAS) is committed to facilitate the development and growth of a dynamic and resilient society by fostering: confidence, pride, self-reliance and creativity in our Youth, motivating them to achieve their full potential; engaging a pliant, gracious and hospitable community, appreciative of the performing arts and artistic expressions, and exposure of our people to a wider range of Sports and establishing the nexus of sports to health and wellness.



  • Apprenticeship Programme
  • School Leavers Workshop
  • ESCAPE Summer School
  • Traditional Cooking Classes
  • Youth Month
  • Primary School Transition / Secondary Orientation
  • Community Rounder’s Competition
  • Career Week / Fair
  • Stitches Project
  • SAY Program
  • Man Project
  • Reclaim Project
  • CARICOM Youth Ambassadors Program
  • National Youth Choir


  • Inter-Primary School Sports Days
  • Inter-Primary School Road Race
  • MSS Sports Day
  • Easter Monday Road Relay
  • Primary School Sporting Competitions


  • Little Bay Playing Field
  • Multipurpose Stadium
  • Brades Netball Court
  • Brades Basketball Court
  • Salem Park
  • Salem Basketball Court
  • Look Out Tennis Court
  • Look Out Netball Court

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