Department of Information Technology & e-Government Services (DITES)


To formulate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) strategies and policies and to engage in the delivery and support of world class IT and e-Government services across the Government of Montserrat, to enhance and increase access to Government services by citizens and businesses in Montserrat and the Diaspora.                                                                                                                                          

Key Strategies 2020/21

Support government departments in the development and implementation of e- government applications to streamline internal operations and improve efficiency and access by the public.

Upgrade the data centre to provide better data retention and security, by installing new servers and data storage equipment, installing faster fibre connections to the Internet Service Providers, to enable better access to cloud services. 

Develop and Implement new IT Policy Documents for Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, etc.; to establish Standard Operating Procedures for the smooth functioning of the department. 

Maintain and upgrade government ICT equipment and network infrastructure by replacing older equipment with new and improved technology; this includes the replacement of some of the wireless radio links that connect the data center to GoM offices across the island with fibre optic links.

Department News

Main Contact Details

DITES, Government Headquarters, Brades, MSR1110, MontserratTel: 664-491-7379

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