Montserrat Tourism Division

Overview of Department:

The Montserrat Tourism Division (MTD) became a department in the Office of the Premier in 2015. Prior to that, it operated as a statutory body ‘The Montserrat Tourist Board’, which was incorporated under the Tourist Board Ordinance 1993. The functions of the national tourism office were briefly subsumed into the Montserrat Development Corporation.

The mandate of the MTD includes:

  • Marketing and promotion;
  • Product development;
  • Tourism industry training;
  • Visitor information services and the maintenance of the island’s beaches.


Sustainable development through quality tourism.


Our Product Development services are centred on five main areas:  Tourism industry liaison, Beach Maintenance, Tourism Industry Training, Visitor Surveys and Industry Standards.

The Division also provides marketing service for Montserart.  Our marketing services are:

• Website and Social Media Management.  To view our destination website, click here:
• Management of Familiarization Trips by journalists/media and travel trade;
• Developing collateral and promotional material;
• Media Relations; and
• Information Services.

Department News

Contact Details

Montserrat Tourism Division, Hubert Buffone Building, Brades, P.O. Box 99, MSR 1110, Montserrat

Tel: 664-491-4702/4703



Director of Tourism

Mrs. Ineta Rosetta West-Gerald

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Department Contact Information

Head: Mr. Warren Solomon (Director)


Main Tel: 664-491-4702/4703

External Website:

Head: Mrs. Rosetta West-Gerald (Product Development Officer)


Main Tel: 664-491-4702/4703

External Website:



Head: Ms Cherise Aymer (Marketing Officer) 


Main Tel: 664-491-4702/4703

External Wesbite:

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