Trade & Quality Infrastructure Division

Overview of Department:

The Trade and Quality Infrastructure (TQI) Division is the arm of Government responsible for enabling a competitive business environment through the generation of supportive and guiding policies and legislations. The TQI Division serves as the link between government and the business community, with a mandate to develop programmes and initiatives, and provide services which are geared towards adding value to the local business sector. Services provided by the Division are geared towards encouraging self-employment, income generation, import substitution, exports and foreign exchange earnings. (Micro and Small Business Act, 2013)

The TQI Division in tandem with other key organizations, have the collective responsibility of ensuring that the foundational elements necessary for constructing a robust quality infrastructure framework are in place. Developing such a framework is inclusive of standardization, metrology services, accreditation and conformity assessments, so as to ensure that the products and services provided in Montserrat meet defined requirements.

The TQI Division also has within its purview the responsibility to protect, safeguard and empower consumers within the marketplace as a step towards minimizing business-consumer conflicts, in order to create a fair trading environment.


Our vision is to increase the diversity and competitive climate of the business environment on Montserrat.


To support the growth and development of Montserrat’s business sector by mobilizing the necessary support infrastructure and programmes. We endeavor to provide training, fiscal and financial support, educational awareness and other business care services geared towards fostering wholesome economic development on Montserrat.

Department News

Principal Trade and Quality Infrastructure Officer

Ms. Adena D Johnson


Services offered by TQI Division:


  1. Processing of Applications for Duty Free Concessions for registered Micro and Small Businesses.
  2. Processing of Trade and Import/Export Licenses.
  3. Management programmes to include public education, training initiatives and access to finance for businesses.
  4. Idea generation and support services for businesses to include: how to start a business, preparation of business plans and assistance with financial management.


Current services provided within this section as follows:

  1. Review, assessment and promotion of regional standards.
  2. Calibration of weights, measures and fuel tank dispensers.


The Division under the authority of the Distribution and Price of Goods Act, computes the prices of petroleum products on Montserrat. It is anticipated that the Division would shortly engage in developing consumer driven legislation which would balance the current legislative framework. Services provided within this arm of the TQI Division are intended to focus on:

  1. Consumer Education and Empowerment Programmes and Initiatives.
  2. Investigation and Complaints Resolve Services.

Monitor and control the prices of prescribed goods as laid in the Distribution and Price of Goods Act.

Main Contact Details

Trade and Quality Infrastructure Division,Office of the Premier Government of Headquarters,
MSR 1110,

Tel: 664-491-2066/2557
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