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  • ZJB Evening News for Thursday April 16, 2015

    16th April 2015

    In Today’s News Headlines:

    Hon. PremierDonaldson RomeoThe leader of government business here is hoping that Montserrat will be able to export its expertise in Disaster Management.
    Honourable Premier Donaldson Romeo says this is a critical area in which Montserrat can add value to other islands in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).
    Premier Romeo says it is not all about what Montserrat can get from the regional grouping, but also what the island has to offer.
    He was at the time speaking at the end of a recent visit to Montserrat by Caricom Secretary General, His Excellency Irwin La Rocque


    Ralph GonzalvesThe Chairman of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) Monetary Council has reported other major decisions that have been taken by the Council aimed at strengthening the financial system in Montserrat and the rest of the region.
    These other decisions follow the lowering of the minimum savings deposit rate which would take effect May 1st, 2015, and the institution of stronger regulatory and supervisory framework for banks.
    ECCU Monetary Council Chairman, St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves now points to the new Banking Bill which was approved by the Council for passage by member governments among others in the Comprehensive Bank Resolution Strategy.


    YachtsAn initiative to promote Montserrat as a Super Yacht destination seems to be bearing some fruit.
    This past weekend, Super Yacht “Sea Owl” visited Montserrat for two days.
    Sea Owl is a 62-metre motor yacht.
    A Super Yacht or luxury yacht is a very expensive privately-owned, professional crewed-sailing or motor yacht.


  • ZJB Evening News for Wednesday April 15, 2015

    16th April 2015

    In Today’s News Headlines:

    Ralph GonzalvesThe Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) Monetary Council has taken a number of important decisions to strengthen the financial system within Montserrat and the rest of the region.
    Chairman of the Monetary Council, St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves says even though there has been reported improvement in the sector over the past year, ECCU economies continue to face challenges to sustainable growth, fiscal and debt sustainability and financial stability.
    In a radio and television address to residents of Montserrat and the rest of the ECCU Tuesday evening, Dr. Gonsalves said the Monetary Council desired faster economic recovery and stronger job creation, more jobs and enhanced wealth creation
    He said as a consequence, after much reflection, deliberation and careful contemplation, the Monetary Council made the decisions in February this year to strengthen the financial system within the ECCU region.

    Billy DarrouxThe Disaster Management Coordination Agency (DMCA) is warning residents here not to become complacent in the wake of predictions for a below average 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season.
    Colorado State University’s Department of Atmospheric Sciences earlier this week predicted that the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane season will be quiet one.
    But Director of the DMCA Billy Darroux cautions that the forecast doesn’t mean that the island would not be impacted by any of the storms.
    He’s therefore urging residents to maintain a state of preparedness, regardless of how much activity is predicted.

    Icilma Fergus RoweA US-based Montserratian Cardiologist is reiterating her call for residents on island to work hard to ensure and maintain good heart health.
    Dr. Icilma Fergus-Rowe, who is here as part of the Ministry of Health’s visiting Specialist Programme, says the conditions that she has been observing are preventable.
    Speaking on the Talking Health Programme, Dr. Fergus-Rowe talks about some ways to improve heart health, along with lifestyle changes.

  • ZJB Evening News for Tuesday April 14, 2015

    15th April 2015

    In today’s News Headlines:

    Adrian DavisHis Excellency the Governor Adrian Davis has moved to erase public perception that the recent transfers within the public service are acts of victimization
    Governor Davis says such changes are normal and usual adding that any such statement about unfair treatment is completely without justification
    Governor Davis recently announced the transfer of Kamille Gerald from the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Lands, Housing and the Environment to the Office of the Premier, effective April 1st, and that the current Chief Human Resources Officer, Daphne Cassell, would fill the vacant post at the Ministry which Mrs. Gerald vacated, effective mid-May.


    Dr Richard ArculusA geologist with the Research School of Earth Sciences at the Australia National University in Canberra has been giving his perspective on Montserrat’s hosting of the 2015 State of the Arch Scientific Conference.
    The week-long conference, which has attracted more than 60 scientists from around the world, is underway at the Montserrat Cultural Centre.
    Dr. Richard Archulus, who is no stranger to the Emerald Isle, spoke of his affiliation with the Caribbean region in general and with the uniqueness of Montserrat in particular and its fascinating recent history.


    John WilsonA former Government Minister is calling for the public to come together and join hands in supporting the Government to lobby the UK Government and DFID to finally solve Montserrat access issues.
    The call was made by John Wilson on his ZJB’s prorgamme Wilson’s Corner on Tuesday.
    He is of the view that proper air and sea port is extremely critical to revive the island’s local economy.
    Mr Wilson also believes proper access will address some of the problems that confront tourists, returning Montserratians, visitors and residents trying to get to and from Montserrat regularly.
    He says business persons also face difficulty trying to get their goods into the island

  • ZJB Evening News for Monday April 13, 2015

    14th April 2015

    In Today’s News Headlines:

    Irwiin LarocqueCARICOM Secretary General, His Excellency Irwin La Rocque paid a courtesy call on Montserrat’s Honourable Premier Donaldson Romeo and his Cabinet colleagues Monday.
    The one-day familiarization visit saw Mr. La Rocque presenting briefing documents to Premier Romeo as well as engaging him and his cabinet on a number of critical issues.
    The CARICOM Secretary-General also paid a courtesy call on His Excellency the Acting Governor Alric Taylor.



    Claude_Hogan_2014_02The government of Montserrat is pursuing with renewed vigor the matter to secure key entrustments for the island’s accession to the revised treaty of Chaguaramus.
    The Government had already made ground-breaking moves through the now Honourable Minister of Agriculture, Trade, Lands, Housing and the Environment, Claude Hogan, who was leading on the matter last year.
    Mr. Hogan now provides an update on the entrustment process.




    The Government of Montserrat is aiming to diversify its energy sources.
    In light of this, the Ministry of Communications, Works & Labour has requested assistance from the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).
    The Guyana-based organization has agreed to provide technical assistance to review Montserrat’s national energy policy.
    It will also provide a technical assessment of the integration of solar CPV into the diesel generation system.
    Honourable Minister of Communications & Works Paul Lewis recently announced that three million dollars have been allocated in the 2015/2016 budget for energy initiatives.

    In other top stories:
    Follow-up discussions will be held here later this month on the way forward for public procurement procedures for Montserrat…
    The Chairman of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Monetary Council to address citizens and residents of Montserrat on Tuesday, April 14 on matters pertaining to the ECCU banking and financial sector…

  • ZJB Morning News for Monday April 13, 2015

    14th April 2015

    Morning News Headlines:

    VolcanoThe State of the Arc Scientific Conference officially opens today at the Montserrat Cultural Centre (MCC).
    Over 60 scientists, professors and PHD students from abroad are expected to gather at the MCC auditorium for this important four day scientific conference.





    Adrian DavisThe Government of Montserrat is again recruiting individuals to fill two senior positions within the public service.
    His Excellency, Governor Adrian Davis says the posts of Financial Secretary and the Director of Public Prosecutions will be re-advertised.






    Violet Browne
    The training shop stewards and elected executive members of the Montserrat Civil Service Association (MCSA) are key to strengthening the leadership skills of the organization.
    So says the President of the MCSA Nurse Violet Browne following her participation in a recent meeting organized by Public Service International (PSI) in Curacao.
    She says providing training to such persons will also ensure continuity and the Union’s success.
    Miss Browne says the Montserrat Civil Service Association will also be reviewing the process of selection of shop stewards for the Union.

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