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  • End of Week Financial Aid Mission Press Conference

    22nd January 2019

    A press conference was held on Friday, January 18, 2019 to appraise the public on some of what took place during the Financial Aid Mission (FAM) that took place over the course of the week. Listen to the entire debrief here, packaged as a Government In Focus programme. Government In Focus programmes are aired twice monthly. Image courtesy Discover Montserrat.

  • Silver Wind Visit to Montserrat

    18th January 2019

    The Silver Wind made a successful visit to the island with 270 passengers on Thursday January 17. Many visitors were thrilled with the Tours and have commented that they will definitely return to Montserrat. One person in particular indicated that after doing the initial island tour, she is already thinking of returning for a much longer stay and has already begun to enquire about accommodation on the island. Another couple mentioned that they would love to retire on Montserrat. The Agent for the Vessel is Kenton Weekes Shipping Agency who has been handling Silver Sea Cruises for some time. Thank you you to all involved.

  • Silver Wind Visiting Montserrat

    16th January 2019

    The recently refurbished Silver Wind, a small luxury cruise ship operated by Silversea Cruises, will be visiting our shores on Thursday 17 January, 2019.  This visit came on the heels of continuous dialogue between the Tourism Division, Cheryl Andrews Marketing in Miami, Travel World in Montserrat and the cruise liner which began since 2017.  Travel World International will be the Tour Operator for the vessel and will be offering a selection of Tours to the guests.  This is Silver Wind’s first visit to our shores.  The vessel has a capacity of 290 passengers and 208 crew. Silversea’s  last visit to Montserrat was in 2015 by the MS Destroyer.  In welcoming Silver Wind to our shores, the Hon. Premier will present a plaque to the Captain of the vessel.  The Tourism Division will also welcome the guests and assist with dispatching tours to Tour and Taxi Drivers.

  • Solar Project Press Conference and Site Visit

    16th January 2019

    Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor
    Ministry of Communication, Works, Energy and Labour – Montserrat held a press conference and site visit today 16 January 2019, to update the public on the 250 kW Solar Project. The 1st phase began this week with the installation of the solar panels. Click here to view more photos.

  • Hon Premier Donaldson Romeo’s Opening Remarks Financial Aid Mission 2019-2020

    15th January 2019

    Your Excellency, fellow Ministers, Members of FAM Team, Senior and supporting public servants, members of the media, ladies and gentlemen:

    This year is this Government’s 5th year in an almost 24 year journey since the volcanic eruptions began in July 1995. It is clearer than ever that another several decades of recurrent budget aid, directly funded by the British and local tax payers is not in anyone’s best interest. In Montserrat, we have learned the hard way.  We are very aware, (and I am sure that all in this room would agree) that to be effective, aid must be both adequate and timely.

    Therefore, as budget negotiations move forward in the days ahead, let us work together in good faith to deliver on our policy goal “to change the development focus from post-volcano mode to developing and implementing plans focused on sustainable self-sufficiency…’

    A unity of purpose and action, above and beyond our differences in points of view will be vital to the success of these negotiations where the people of Montserrat as well as the British tax payers will win. Only when we as politicians and public servants work together do they win.  Only when we work together do we, politicians and public servants, win as well.

    It is that very spirit of unity that underpinned discussions with Lord Ahmad and Lord Bates regarding support for long-term capital programmes. At present we are working through the details on the £30 million-plus programme supporting infrastructure; infrastructure that is both basic and transformational.

    I look forward to fruitful and impactful discussions this week with the DfID team including the new team Leader, Laurin Janes who is the Economic Adviser and Senior Responsible Owner for Financial Aid. I am sure that the four days will be filled with intense discussions covering a number of important and key discussion areas including:

    • 2019/2020 draft budget and New spend requests and savings
    • Economic Growth Strategy
    • Ferry and air access future plans & status of access strategy
    • Safe Guarding issues
    • Maintenance Strategy

    In closing, I would like to repeat something I said in my New Year speech. The key strategic move for 2019 and beyond is to turn our breakthroughs into a breakout that moves us beyond dependency and lingering impacts of the volcano disaster to self-sustaining, inclusive growth and development.  The sea port, the undersea fibre optic cable, geothermal and solar energy development, the pending hospital, the EU funding, the new growth strategy, a five-year capital programme and several investment opportunities are now open before us. With these key infrastructure and projects coming in place, 2019 is indeed the year for us to all work together.

    So, this week, as we go through the details of the recurrent budget and those of the capital budget, let us bear in mind the big picture and let us work together to lay a foundation for the economic transformation to come and fulfill our national vision of a friendly, vibrant, healthy, wholesome, prosperous, creative, entrepreneurial and peaceful, God-fearing, God-blessed community.

    May God bless you all and God bless Montserrat.


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