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  • Ten Persons Awarded Government Of Montserrat Scholarships For Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies Abroad

    23rd August 2019

    Deputy Governor’s Press Release
    Ten (10) individuals have been awarded Government of Montserrat scholarships this year to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate studies abroad.

    Each year a priority list consisting of a number of areas of study required to advance the Government of Montserrat’s operational and strategic development agenda is submitted to Cabinet for consideration and approval.

    The proposed list of training priorities is principally informed by the Government’s Policy Agenda and therefore takes into consideration the following areas namely: Health and Social Services, Financial Management, Good Governance, Environmental Management, Education and lifelong learning, Built Environment Human Resource Management and Land Surveying.

    In putting forward their priority learning needs, Ministries/Departments are further guided by the following considerations:
    1. The number of critical posts which have been vacant for extended periods and have proven hard to fill;
    2. Positions identified as critical, hard to fill and approved for funding under the Technical Cooperation Programme;
    3. The areas required for succession planning and business continuity;
    4. The areas identified where serving officers need to attain the basic qualifications for their current job.
    This year, the Montserrat Community College was included in the stakeholder consultations to develop the proposed training priorities for 2019/20. This was to ensure that the island’s talent management considerations support the retention of the island’s young people by clearly demonstrating that there are opportunities available to them at home and that their interests and aspirations were important to Montserrat’s national development.

    The number of awards issued each year is dependent on the budget allocated to scholarships and the number of awardees who would complete their studies in the particular year.

    Additionally, there are several stages of the application process and students must meet the eligibility criteria.

    This year a total of forty-three applications were considered by the National Training and Scholarship Advisory Committee (NTSAC). The applications were considered against an established criteria and recommendations forwarded to Cabinet for a decision.

    During the application process, scholarships are awarded to Montserratians and individuals who are deemed as Montserratians in the 2010 Montserrat Constitution Order.

    In ranking and prioritizing eligible applicants, the NTSAC uses a weighted criterion which assesses applications against the Approved Priority areas.

    In addition to the placement of an area on the approved list, other factors taken into consideration are as follows: a) whether an applicant has been accepted at a recognized tertiary institution, the cost of the programme, the duration of the programme and the applicants’ personal statement.

    The Recipients of 2019/20 National scholarships are

    Name Duration Course of Study
    1 John Jeffers Jr BSc Valuation and Property Management
    2 Raston Fenton Associates Degree Surveying and Geographic Information Technology
    3 Chaquille Sam BEng. Construction Engineering
    4 Orlando Kelly BSc Surveying and Geographic Information Technology
    5 Stevikha Foster B. Sc. Medicine
    6 Szjuen Griffith BSc. Urban & Regional Planning
    7 Enver Browne BSc Media Technology
    8 Kendell Jeffers Integrated Master’s Degree – Mpharm
    9 Doron Cassell BSc. Computer Science
    10 Brenda Daley M. Sc. Nursing Administration

    Among the scholarship recipients are (4) recent graduates from the Montserrat Community College (MCC), Stevikha Foster, Doron Cassell and Enver Browne of the class of 2019 and Kendell Jeffers of the Class of the 2018.

    In the event that any of the awardees are unable to take up the scholarship or accept another scholarship, the award would be offered to the next eligible person on a roll up basis.

    In fiscal year 2018/19, a total of six (6) scholarships were awarded and 51 persons (17 studying at Universities abroad and 34 studying via UWI Open Campus) were given Financial Assistance and Grants to assist with tertiary level studies.


    21st August 2019

    Wednesday, August 21, 2019 (GIU, Davy Hill Montserrat)- Montserrat is in full support of a request for Member States to contribute towards the implementation of a programme of Awards and Recognition for regional Artists at CARIFESTA on a biennial basis.

    This was one of the areas discussed during the Ministers of Culture meeting held in Trinidad and Tobago on Sunday August 18, 2019. The meeting was attended by Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Premier and Head of the Montserrat delegation, Mrs. Daphne Cassell, along with senior members of the delegation.


    14th August 2019

    Wednesday, August 14, 2019 (GIU, Davy Hill Montserrat)- The Ministry of Communications, Works, Energy and Labour (MCWEL) is set to unveil the island’s very first electric vehicle, later this week.

    Energy Minister, the Honourable Paul Lewis will deliver remarks at the reveal ceremony, which will take place at the (MCWEL) Headquarters in Brades on Friday August 16, 2019 starting at 2:00p.m.


    14th August 2019

    The Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Premier, Mrs Daphne Cassell, heads a delegation of 29 to the 14th edition of CARIFESTA which will be held in Trinidad and Tobago from August 16 to 25.

    The delegation comprises seven members of the Emerald Shamiole Masquerades along with their musicians and chaperones. Also in the delegation are Montserrat Festival winners Calypso Monarch Garnet “Sylk” Thompson, soca monarchs Trevon “Trevvle” Pollard and Samrun “Nyne” Woodley. Vocalist Nia Golden, two members of 4th Dymension, poet Chadd Cumberbatch as well as representatives from the tourism and business community are also in the group.

    “This CARIFESTA should be a learning experience in an effort to prepare for the event when it comes to Antigua in 2021,” said new Director of the Montserrat Arts Council Kenneth Silcott. “We want to be ready to make an impact and be ready to showcase the best of Montserrat’s culture.”

    Several television appearances have also been arranged for members of the delegation.

    Visual artist Tabu Duberry will be the artist in residence on TTT Now, the morning news and variety show on Friday. Ten pieces of his work are also part of the Caribbean exhibition at the National Museum and Gallery for the duration of CARIFESTA.

    “It’s been a challenge but a lot of fun pulling the plans together for the delegation”, said Nerissa Golden, Logistics Coordinator for the Carifesta group. “Montserrat will be very visible at the festival in art, dance, literature, media and music.”

    The Office of the Premier made available EC$100,000 for the CARIFESTA delegation. Other sponsors for the trip are the Department of Trade, the Ministry of Communications and Works’ ICT Division and 4th Dymension.

    The main delegation leaves island on Thursday August 15. The opening ceremony will be on Friday August 16 at 7PM. Learn more about the more than 200 events happening over 10 days at



    13th August 2019

    Tuesday, August 13, 2019 (GIU Davy Hill, Montserrat)- The Government of Montserrat has sent three officers to the 2nd Special Training Programme for CARICOM Diplomats, being held in India from August 12 to 23, 2019.

    The public officers are, Assistant Secretary in the External Affairs Division of the Office of the Premier, Michelle Cassell; Senior Clerical Officer in the Office of the Premier, Shandrina Daley and Senior Clerical Officer in the Human Resources Management Unit, Shanique White.

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