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  • ZJB Evening News December 19 2014

    19th December 2014

    London BusThe Montserrat Development Corporation (MDC) is distancing itself from what appears to be an advertisement on a bus in London, United Kingdom, purporting to promote Montserrat.
    The company that handles advertising on London buses has also confirmed that the advert is a fake and that they do not wish to be associated with it.

  • ZJB Evening News December 18 2014

    18th December 2014

    Delmaude RyanThe island’s Education Minister will be pursuing a policy for compulsory education to the age of 18 on Montserrat.
    The Honourable Minister of Education, Delmaude Ryan gave this commitment while addressing the 2014 graduating class from the Montserrat Community College (MCC).
    16 students graduated from the institution at a ceremony held at the Brades Arts and Education Centre on Wednesday.

  • ZJB Evening News December 17 2014

    17th December 2014

    Governor Adrian Davis

    Governor Adrian Davis

    His Excellency the Governor Adrian Davis has described the recent Joint Ministerial Council (JMC) in England as a worthwhile and fruitful exercise.

    Premier Romeo and a delegation from Montserrat visited the UK to for the JMC and to hold meetings with the diaspora in London and Birmingham.
    Upon reflection, Governor Davis says the 2015/16 roadmap that has emerged from the meeting in London is designed to ensure sustainable development for the OTs.



  • Interview with Hon. Premier Donaldson Romeo during his recent UK visit

    17th December 2014


  • ZJB Evening News December 16 2014

    16th December 2014

    Brenda Daley 1There’s a call for the government of Montserrat as well as other government to put in place a Compensation plan for Healthcare workers who may have come in contact with people with the Ebola virus.
    Nurse Anesthetist Brenda Daley said that was one of the outcomes of a recent training workshop in Antigua on clinical management of the Ebola.
    Nurse Daley says not only does Governments need to implement compensation programmes, but also occupational and healthy safety measures to protect healthcare workers who become infected with the Ebola virus.

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