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  • Significant amendments made to the Penal Code

    17th April 2014

    His Excellency the Governor Adrian Davis says  significant changes are to be made to the Montserrat Penal Code. 

    He says the amendments to the Penal Code will be coming to the Legislative Assembly to be debated soon.

    During his monthly press conference Wednesday, Governor Davis said this was one of two important decisions made recently by Cabinet.

    Listen to Governor Davis

    MeantimeGovernor Davis said the other key decision was an agreement on a bill to regulate the legal profession in Montserrat.

    Listen to Governor Davis

  • Charles Thompson appointed new Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police

    17th April 2014

    Charles ThompsonThe Royal Montserrat Police Service, RMPS has a new Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police

    He is Charles Thompson.

    Mr. Thompson, who has served over 24 years in the RMPS,was appointed to the post for an interim three months from April 7th to July 6th, 2014.

    The New Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police has a wealth of experience having served in a number of positions in the force – Sargeant, Inspector and most recently Superintendent.

    Speaking to ZJB-Radio Montserrat News, Mr. Thompson said he was humbled by the appointment.

    Listen Charles Thompson

  • Visitor arrivals up in 2013

    15th April 2014

    Montserrat has seen an increase in overall visitor arrivals in 2013, in comparison to 2012.

    According to the latest tourism figures released by the Montserrat Statistics Department there was a 10 percent increase in overall visitor arrivals.

    The figure for 2013 was 15, 648, up from 14,210 in 2012, an increase of 1,438.

    The largest number of visitors for any one month in 2013 was 2,456 in December.

    That contrasts with 6, 462 for the same period in 2012 , due to the large numbers of returning Montserratians and visitors who came for that year’s 50th anniversary festival celebrations.

  • Lecture on cardiometabolic risk

    15th April 2014

    tracy-kernanet-huggins 1A health education lecture on cardiometabolic risk and its relationship to high blood pressure and diabetes will be held on Wednesday.

    Cardiometabolic risk refers to your chances of having diabetes, heart disease or stroke. These conditions are known to be prevalent on the island.

    The event is being coordinated by Chief Medical Officer, Dr Tracy Kernanet-Huggins as part of a public education campaign being carried out by the Ministry of Education, Health and Social Services medical division.

    Medical experts advise that many things increase your cardiometabolic risk. Some of these  cannot be changed. For example, as you get older your risk increases. Men also have higher  risks than women. However, the good news is that there are risks you can change.

    Healthy lifestyle changes can be important ways to lower  your risk.

    Wednesday’s lecture will be delivered by Dr Icilma Fergus-Rowe, and Dr Janice Scobie.

    Click on following two links to learn more about cardiometabolic risk from Dr Kernanet-Huggins.

    Listen to Dr Kernanet-Huggins

    In the next clip Dr Kernanet-Huggins explains that cardiometabolic risk can be lowered.

    Listen to Dr Kernanet-Huggins

  • Less garbage in Salem following major clean up

    14th April 2014

    salem garbageThere’s a lot less garbage in Salem after residents joined the Environmental Health Department of the Ministry of Education Health and Social Services in a massive clean-up last Saturday.

    The cut off time was twice extended to assist householders in getting rid of a range of garbage ranging from old cars, to white goods and discarded construction material.

    The clean-up which started early Saturday morning was originally scheduled to end at 12 noon but it was first extended to 4pm and then to 6pm.

    This resident spoke for many Salemites in welcoming last Saturday’s clean-up:

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