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  • Honourable Premier of Montserrat and Minister of Finance and Economic Management Donaldson Romeo budget speech

    29th March 2015

    Honourable Premier Donaldson RomeoThe Honourable Premier of Montserrat and Minister of Finance and Economic Management Donaldson Romeo delivered a EC $170.8 million dollar budget on Tuesday March 24th, 2015 at the Sir George Martin Auditorium at the Montserrat Cultural Centre in Little Bay.
    The recurrent Budget is EC $127, 368,300 which is for salaries and operating costs.
    The Capital budget, which covers development projects and specified buildings maintenance is EC$ 43,421,800.
    For the full details of the budget speech. Click below…
    Budget Speech 2015-2016

  • Premier Romeo presents an EC$170.8 million budget for 2015/2016

    25th March 2015

    Hon. PremierDonaldson RomeoThe Honourable Premier of Montserrat and Minister of Finance and Economic Management, Donaldson Romeo presented an EC$170.8 million budget for 2015/2016 in the Montserrat Legislative Assembly on Tuesday.
    The recurrent budget is EC$ 127,368,300 which is for salaries and other operating costs.
    The Capital budget, which covers development projects and specified buildings maintenance, is EC$ 43,421,800.
    The EC$ 170,790,100 budget excludes new Department for International Development (DFID) capital projects which are still to be agreed upon.
    Some of the major new spend items incorporated into this budget include:-
    Reinstatement of Increments EC$488,400
    Maintenance of GOM Housing Stock EC$120,000
    Agriculture Food Strategy and other Activities EC$60,000
    Marketing and Education for Agriculture EC$20,000
    Repairs to Vulnerable EC$100,000
    Social Protection (Work Incentives, Foster Care, etc.) EC$421,800
    Labour Market Survey EC$185,000
    Maintenance of Schools EC$340,500
    Additional Scholarships EC$ 200,000
    Key projects included in the overall allocation are:-
    o Port Development EC$1.5m
    o Housing Programme EC$5m
    o MUL Genset- EC$10m
    o Geothermal Exploration- EC$4.1m
    o Energy EC$3m
    o Government Accommodation EC $2.2m

  • ZJB News for Monday March 23, 2015

    23rd March 2015

    Hon. PremierDonaldson RomeoTuesday March 24th is budget day on Montserrat.
    And, the Honourable Premier and Minister of Finance and economic Management, Donaldson Romeo will be tabling the estimates of Revenue and expenditure for the fiscal year 2015/2016.
    He will also be presenting indicative estimates for 2016/17 and 2017/18.
    It will be Premier Romeo’s first budget statement to the nation following his People’s Democratic Movement (PDM’s) victory at the polls last September.
    The Minister of Finance will, among other things, present the economic context within which the government operates and provide a brief update on public sector performance for the current year.
    Premier Romeo is also expected to outline his government’s policy priorities for the medium term.


    St PatricksThe number of visitors who graced Montserrat with their presence during the 2015 St. Patrick’s Festival period surpassed that of 2014.
    Figures from the Access Coordinator show that there were 256 more persons on island during the March 10-17 period compared to the same time last year.
    A total 804 persons were on island during the just ended celebrations. The figure for last year stood at 548.
    However, this does not mean all 804 persons travelled to the island specifically for the St. Patrick’s Festival.

  • ZJB News for Friday March 20, 2015

    21st March 2015

    Hon. PremierDonaldson RomeoThe Supplementary Appropriation Bill 2014/2015 passed with slight amendments in the Legislative Assembly this morning.
    The bill re-allocates funds for spending which were not previously budgeted for.
    In presenting the bill to the house, Honourable Premier and minister of finance and economic management, Donaldson Romeo, emphasizes that it provides for the re-allocation of recurrent votes for various purposes but with no additional funding required.
    In explaining the urgent need for such funds, the finance minister also gave a breakdown by sector.

    Claude_Hogan_2014_02Montserrat is fast becoming an adventure Tourism destination.
    So says the Honourable Minister of Agriculture, Trade, Lands, Housing and the Environment Claude Hogan.
    He was speaking against the backdrop, of a planned day excursion to Montserrat on Saturday of more than 400 passengers from Guadeloupe.
    Speaking on the adjournment of Friday’s Legislative Assembly, Mr. Hogan says tomorrow’s day trip will open up trade opportunities among Montserrat and the French Territories
    He’s therefore encouraging all arts and craft vendors to make use of this opportunity to sell their products.

    Delmaude RyanThe people of Montserrat will get a new hospital.
    That’s according to the Honourable Minister of Health, Delmaude Ryan.
    She says a new project business case for the new Glendon Hospital building is expected to be completed by June this year
    However, Mrs Ryan says an interim work plan has been put in place to continue the soft components of the hospital project in addition to the purchasing of equipment.

  • ZJB News for Thursday March 19, 2015

    20th March 2015

    Delmaude RyanThe Honourable Minister of Health Delmaude Ryan has dismissed claims that she has turned down an opportunity for a brand new hospital for Montserrat.
    She was responding to reports that the 32 bed hospital project, negotiated by the Movement for Change and Prosperity (MCAP) administration has been cancelled.
    This followed meetings, Mrs Ryan held in the United late last year with the DFID team leader for Montserrat Moira Marshal.


    Anita KnightingaleAn excursion to Montserrat from Guadeloupe this weekend will give a major boost to the Tourism Sector here.
    Over 450 passengers will arrive on a ferry from the neighbouring French island this Saturday morning.
    In an interview with ZJB News, Director of Tourism, Anita Knightingale, says some of the visitors will be engaged in a number of activities including a University of the West Indies, UWI Open Campus cultural exchange, bird watching, hiking and tours.

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