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  • Premier Romeo to meet with Montserrat diaspora in London and Birmingham UK

    26th November 2014

    Honourable Premier, Minister of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism, Donaldson Romeo

    Honourable Premier, Minister of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism, Donaldson Romeo

    Montserratians living in the United Kingdom, especially those in London and Birmingham, are informed that the Honourable Premier Mr Donaldson Romeo will be holding meetings with you on Saturday November 29th and Tuesday December 9th.

    The London meeting will be held on Saturday November 29th at the Haringay Irish Cultural and Community Centre starting at 7:30pm

    The address of the Haringay Irish Cultural and Community Centre is: Pretoria Road, Tottenham, London, N17 8DX

    The Birmingham meeting will be held on Tuesday 9th December at the Ladywood Health and Community Centre starting at 7:00pm.

    The address of the Ladywood Health and Community Centre in Birmingham is: St Vincent Street, Ladywood, Birmingham B16 5BN

    For further information please contact:
    The Montserrat Government UK Office,
    180-186 Kings Cross Road
    London, WC1X 9DE
    Tel. 020 7520 2622

  • ZJB News November 25, 2014

    26th November 2014

    The Headlines:

    The Montserrat Legislative Assembly holds its first full ‘legislative’ session following the September general election. Tuesday’s sitting saw the passage of the Supplementary Appropriations totaling $EC 26 million to the 2014/2015 budget of $EC 168 million.





    Hon. Parliementary Secretary Greg Willock

    The Honourable Parliamentary Secretary Greg Willock assures the public that this year’s festival venue will be ready in time for the first official event on the festival calendar. The Calypso Eliminations are scheduled for December 5th.





    GavelThe Court of Appeal quashes a murder conviction and orders a retrial






    These and other stories in the national news  with Shirlian Queeley.

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  • Sitting of Montserrat Legislative Assembly – Tuesday November 25th 2014

    26th November 2014

    The Montserrat Legislative Assembly held its first full legislative session on Tuesday 25th November 2014 following the September 11th general election.

    Hon. Speaker Sir Howard Fergus

    It was the second sitting of the local parliament since then with several members of the ruling People’s Democratic Movement(PDM) having their first experience of a full legislative session.

    The opposition benches in this parliament are occupied by Honourable Leader of the Opposition Reuben T Meade(MCAP) and Easton Joseph Farrell (MCAP).

    Tuesday’s lively session of the Montserrat Legislative Assembly was itself a study in the ‘cut and thrust’ of parliamentary debate.

    The session was characterised by a number of questions, challenges, responses and counter-challenges on a range of issues mainly pertaining to transparency on financial and governance issues.

    It saw the Honourable Speaker Sir Howard Fergus being kept fully engaged in presiding over the meeting by providing explanations on matters of parliamentary processes and procedures resulting from a number of interventions and challenges coming from both sides of the house.

    Government side of the house

    The main feature on the Order Paper for the day featured The Honourable Premier and Minister of Finance and Economic Management Donaldson Romeo tabling a bill for supplementary appropriations- additions to the current budget – totaling just over $EC 26 million to the 2014/2015 budget.


    The 2014/2015 budget of a little over $EC 168 million was piloted through the Legislative Assembly on March 2014 by then-Premier, now Honourable Leader of the Opposition, Reuben T Meade.

    Also during Tuesday’s meeting, Honourable Member of the Legislative Assembly Ingrid Buffonge (PDM) was elected Deputy Speaker.

    Opposition side of the house


    A Public Accounts Committee was appointed with Honourable Leader of the Opposition Reuben Meade(MCAP) as chairman and including Honourable Member of the Opposition Easton Taylor-Farrell(MCAP) and the Honourable Parliamentary Secretary Gregory Willock.

    Absent from the meeting was the Honourable Minister of Communications, Works, Energy and Labour, Paul Lewis, who is abroad on government business.

    Hon. Premier Donaldson RomeoHonourable Premier Donaldson Romeo delivered a ministerial statement in which he outlined his People’s Democratic Movement(PDM) administration’s development priorities for Montserrat.

    Mr Romeo said a key driver of his policies will be economic development hinged largely on the project for new port facilities for the island.

  • ZJB Evening News November 24, 2014

    24th November 2014

    DonaldsonVeraIn Today’s News Headlines:
    >The Legislative Assembly meets Tuesday in what will be the second sitting since the People’s Democratic Movement, PDM came to power following the September 11th general election. It will be the Assembly’s first full law-making session under the new government which controls 7 of the nine seats…
    >Vera Weekes, a Montserrat-born US-based immigration specialist says Presidents Obama’s immigration policy is short-sighted in some respects. Several hundred Montserratians are among the five million migrants who President Obama’s new policy will affect…
    >Ebola response planning said to be moving ahead at a rapid pace…
    These and more stories in today’s national news Broadcast with James White Junior…
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  • ZJB Morning News – Monday 24th November 2014

    24th November 2014

    Lead story: Clean up or pay up

    clean upFollowing last weekend’s first phase of the island-wide clean-up campaign to control the spread of the Chikingunya virus, health officials warn that penalties will be applied where properties are not kept free of mosquito breeding places.
    Phase One covered Salem to Cudjoe Head/Brades , while Phase Two this Saturday will tackle Carr’s Bay/Davy Hill to St John’s and Look Out.

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