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  • ZJB Evening News for Thursday May 21, 2015

    21st May 2015

    In Today’s News Headlines:

    An innovative programme will be launched here to help the island’s youth obtain employment and become self-sufficient.
    The Honourable Parliamentary Secretary Gregory Willock says the “apprenticeship programme” is targeting 15 young persons at the pilot phase.
    He says the programme, which will run for a period of one year, will specialize in the manufacturing of food and beverage products.
    Mr. Willock  says local resource persons are being targeted to assist with the apprenticeship programme.



    Delmaude RyanPlanning for the youth must be a new paradigm shift that should take on new meaning and focus going into the future.
    This is the view that has been shared by the Honourable Minister with responsibility for youth Affairs, Delmaude Ryan.
    Following her attendance at a recent youth forum in neighbouring Antigua, Mrs. Ryan highlighted that one of the key outcomes was a push across the region to have entrepreneurship introduced as a crucial subject area on the schools’ curricula.


    Adrian DavisHis Excellency the Governor Adrian Davis has announced that persons in public life have started to make their returns to the Integrity Commission.
    Mr. Davis says although he doesn’t know what the analysis of those reports will be, he is heartened by the effort that has been made.
    He’s  however, concerned that a small percentage of the targeted individuals have not yet made their submissions to the Commission.


  • ZJB Evening News for Wednesday May 20, 2015

    21st May 2015

    In Today’s News Headlines:

    Martin DawsonThe matter of procurement, which has become a very thorny issue of late, could soon be back in the hands of the Government of Montserrat.
    In providing an update Wednesday, DFID’s Resident Representative on island, Martin Dawson, says although there is no fixed timeframe, the ultimate objective is for the Government of Montserrat to be wholly responsible for its own procurement including any further new investments.
    Mr. Dawson says he’s looking at this happening possibly in the next year or so.


    The Honourable Premier Donaldson Romeo will be engaged in several meetings in Canada over the next few days.
    Mr. Romeo is expected to leave the island Thursday, to start a series of meetings in Toronto and Ottawa from May 22nd to the 25th.
    One of the highlights of his upcoming visit is a Courtesy Call on the British Consulate in Toronto.
    Premier Romeo is also expected to attend a meeting at the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Farm Workers Office.
    Mr. Romeo, who is working on strengthening relationships with Montserratians in the diaspora, will also meet with Montserratians and other Caribbean Nationals in Canada.


    His Excellency the Governor, Adrian Davis, has vehemently defended any separation between the British Government and the Department for International Development (DFID).
    He was at the time responding to a question at his monthly May press conference as to whether or not DFID should respond to an article concerning a former employee of Montserrat Development Corporation (MDC) which appeared in the London Times who claimed that British taxpayers money was being misused on Montserrat.
    Governor Davis said the UK Government had given its response and there was therefore no need for DFID to say anything further on the matter.


  • ZJB Evening News for Tuesday May 19, 2015

    19th May 2015

    In Today’s News Headlines:


    DonaldsonThe leader of Government Business briefed members of his cabinet and elected officials today on his recent trip to the United States.
    Premier the Honourable Donaldson Romeo gave his ministers an update on his talks with members of the Montserrat Diaspora in Boston, New York and Atlanta.
    He also had important talks with the Mayor of Boston, other city officials, representatives of the Caribbean Tourism Organization and business and city officials in New York and Atlanta.
    Premier Romeo explained to ZJB News why it is necessary to engage the Diaspora at this time.


    Delmaude RyanThe Honourable Minister of Education Delmaude Ryan has announced the implementation of several programmes to strengthen the island’s school system.
    She says the purpose of this, among other things, is to improve behaviour among the island’s school children.
    Mrs Ryan says one such programme is the recruitment of five additional persons whose first language is Spanish to assist with the Hispanic children at the primary and secondary school levels.
    She says the additional human resources will be supported by funds allocated to address issues coming out of the Child Safety Review in 2014.


    Fly MontserratAir Support Services International (ASSI) has issued a statement in response to several recently published articles on MNI Alive relating to the regulation of air services on Montserrat.
    The press release issued Tuesday states that ASSI is fully designated by the Governor to carry out the aviation regulation functions of the Governor under the Air Navigation (Overseas Territory) Order on his behalf.
    It says Air Support Services International does this independently of the Governor.

  • ZJB Evening News for Monday May 18, 2015

    18th May 2015

    In Today’s News Headlines:

    The United Kingdom (UK) Government maintains that “value and results for taxpayers’ money is fundamental to what they do and says all their programmes are closely scrutinized to ensure they are effective.
    The UK Government issued this response to the article published in the Daily Mail newspaper in which former employee at the Montserrat Development Corporation (MDC), Sean McLaughlin claimed there was corruption and misuse of funds at the organization.
    The article titled “£400m foreign aid fiasco in paradise: Bribery, kickbacks, YOUR tax money siphoned into pet projects on a tiny Caribbean island – this British worker blew the whistle and paid a devastating price” was published on May 16.


    pauljpgThe Ministry of Communications, Works and Labour (MCWL) is blaming unnecessary and unwanted delays for its inability to roll out planned infrastructure and maintenance projects for fiscal year 2015/2016.
    The Honourable Minister of MCWL, Paul Lewis, says the programme is funded through the annual recurrent budget where some $2.8 million dollars have been allocated to the ministry for these works.
    In an interview with ZJB News, He says although documents have been prepared and submitted to the local procurement department, their efforts have been frustrated by the lengthy and questionable delays in the approval process.


    Clarice BarnesThe Montserrat Community College (MCC) has a new Principal. She is Professor Vernie Clarice Barnes.
    An MCC press statement issued on Monday said the appointment was made by the Board of the Montserrat Community College.
    It states that Professor Barnes brings to the post over forty (40) years as an educator contributing to Formal and Non-formal Education in Montserrat, the wider Caribbean, UK and Africa.


  • ZJB Evening News for Friday May 15, 2015

    15th May 2015

    In Today’s News Headlines:

    The honourable Premier, Donaldson Romeo delivered a persuasive presentation in New York on trade and investment opportunities on Montserrat.
    That’s the view of President and founder of the Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry- Dr. Roy Hastick
    In an interview with Warren Cassell, Dr. Hastik spoke about the discussions, representatives from a wide cross section of the business community in New York had with the Honourable Premier earlier this week.
    Dr. Hastick believes Mr. Romeo sold Montserrat very well with his message of seeing opportunities where there are challenges.


    Delmaude RyanAn “Open Day” is being organized to afford the public the opportunity to view the new ambulance and to ask questions about the vehicle.
    This was confirmed by the Honourable Minister of Health, Delmaude Ryan.
    She says the activity aims to allay the public’s concerns about the new ambulance.
    Mrs Ryan says an engineer is expected on island this month to look at the ambulance itself before it is commissioned.


    A Fire Officer at the Fire, Search and Rescue Department is urging members of the public to desist from making prank calls to its 911 emergency number.
    Vachel Murraine says persons have been calling the 911 emergency number and giving false information about fires and/or not saying anything on the other end of the line.
    The Fire Officer says it is a criminal offense to make prank calls.
    Mr. Murraine says these prank calls can disrupt the delivery of emergency services to someone in dire need of help.

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