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IBM 000-008 Test s and Party organizations at all levels to support troops together to act in unison to ensure all officers and soldiers have high morale. Army after a long defensive to the offensive operations, which requires commanders at all levels, political authorities, the party group organized the entire political transition at work to make it suitable for the new task. In pursuit of the fleeing enemy, the armed IBM 000-008 forces maintain a strong offensive spirit, uninterrupted supply, a high degree of vigilance and organizational discipline, is very important. At this time of political work should pay special attention to educate troops care weaponry newly liberated areas people do a good job. Staff political IBM 000-008 Test organ, then should be directly under the forces to attack, particularly in combat to help commanders, political organs and Party organizations to do the work. In addition, IBM 000-008 some political faction of army staff to the back office to help them work, all kinds of supplies uninterrupted supply of troops. And all units IBM 000-008 Exam in the army, the party held a group PR000041 members of the General A.

les each face sui generis, IBM 000-008 Test and different from others. Despite her pale, a little plump strange, her features, distinctive and lovely features, or 000-008 performance in that 920-464 face, upper lip, and in the slightly squinting eyes, especially in the performance of her day really artless. smiling eyes, and in the face on the body and revealed to obedient from the look. You would have the say so. The President has been particularly pleasant to say. What is your father s name 000-008 I m a bastard. Maslova said. Well, according to your IBM 000-008 Test godfather s name that why you call How about you Mikhail Reward. She ll do anything bad IBM 000-008 Test of it Nekhludoff my heart is still wondering, a little shortness of breath. What s your last name, usually people call you The President continued. Usually with the mother s surname Maslova. Identity it Ordinary people. Orthodox believe it The letter. Career IBM 000-008 Test What do you do Maslova said nothing. What do you do The President asked. In the yard. She said. What hospital Bespectacled judge sternly asked. You know what the hospital. Maslova said Puchi smile, then quickly., several tank brigades, several independent tank regiments and artillery in the North Caucasus to strengthen Army compiled. As a result, the North Caucasus Army IBM 000-008 Test troops almost 1.5 times the enemy troops. 4th Air Force Army Air Force and the Black Sea Fleet is responsible for air support of ground forces. For the German air force and the Battle of Kursk suffered huge losses in the Cuban air war, in which case the number of Soviet German front is greatly reduced. In early September, the enemy in the southwest direction only 1,275 aircraft, Ibid., File 35, No. 11280, dossier 596, p. 1. Of which about 300 aircraft stationed in the Taman HC-012-224-ENU Peninsula and the Crimea. September 10, Army 4th Air PPT-201 Force has 599 combat aircraft, 98-375 ibid., No. 11282, dossier 278, pp. 134 136 Black Sea Fleet Air Force is about 450. 000-008 Army aviation both in quantity or in quality account for advantages, which creates a more favorable situation for the Soviet air force in the current campaign successfully complete the task. It should JK0-016 be said, the enemy in front of me each FD0-215 n is not equally E20-547 Army troop.

000-008 Test base. The port in the first year of the war it IBM 000-008 Dumps was developed into a real naval base. German fascists closer Rostov, north of the possibility of enemy attack from high to intensify the more IBM 000-008 Test obvious. According to the High Command instructed to take urgent organizational defensive measures. April 3, 1942, the North Caucasus Military District commander orders the whole army divisions for the 11 combat area 1st Lot Sven Saar 350-025 city lots, The first two locations Krasnodar area, The first three locations Voroshilov Gdansk area, The first four 050-SEPROAUTH-01 lots Armavir area, IBM 000-008 Test The first five lots lots, The first six locations Pia season by Gore g lots, Article 7 IBM 000-008 Test Lot Nalchik area, Article 8 Lot budyonnovsk lots, The first nine IBM 000-008 Test lots Lot Mozdok, The first 10 lots Ordzhonikidze the area, The first 11 lots lots of orange Luo Zini. Each battle area occupied by defense corps stationed in the area, troops or military school. However, the organization of such defense area, encounter many difficulties. Each school was particularly military garrison and the lack of military ships, ammunition

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